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    Originally Posted by 4rcanine View Post
    This looks amazing. ;n; I've been trying to make my own Pokémon Harvest Moon spin-off (seem's I'm not the only one,) and this will make things so much easier. I would definitely love to use this starter kit once you've gotten tons of the bugs out, or perhaps I might wait to see if you decide to implement some of which you planned. c:
    Good work, I'm really excited to see this done. I'll probably be checking in a couple times a month.
    Glad to hear it. The more users of this kit the better. Hopefully in a couple months I'll have things patched up and more or less complete.

    A quick update for everyone with regards to the kit: I did start working and so I have very little free time now. Development will have to be more or less restricted to weekends when I'm off, but I have still made some progress on the kit and plan to continue with it until it hopefully gets finished. Also, for the sake of getting things done, I probably won't be updating the graphical style unless someone can compile a complete set of resources in a format that RMXP can work with (i.e. arranging tilesets and charsets properly). Ripping and arranging resources takes a lot of time that would be better used on development of systems, so unless I can just plug it in and it works, I probably won't be changing any graphics aside from ones I have to mess with to implement different features.
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