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    Originally Posted by Elgyem View Post
    Digimon are created by taking an animal, covering it with thousands of weapons, spikes, armor, and markings, and calling it *something*-mon. These names are very uncreative, in contrast to Pokemon's witty names. Pokemon also, in appearance, are based off of real creatures, for the most part, and retain a fantasy appeal. Digimon are just giant robots. It's also obvious that Digimon was created to compete with Pokemon, but in that it failed miserably.

    Digimon isn't even close to being a good Pokemon knockoff. Just compare a few creatures and note the differences. While Digimon have to resort to spikes, robotic limbs, armor, masks, markings, and all this other crap, Pokemon is much more simple in that regard.

    Another thing that sticks out about Digimon is the color schemes. The color scheme of a Digimon is almost always random, and without any reason. Pokemon, though, have meaningful color schemes, or at least ones that look good together. Although some of the newer Pokemon exhibit Digimon-like traits (Black and White Kyurem, anyone?), I doubt that Pokemon will ever get quite as bad as Digimon.
    This post just screams bias and baseless assumptions. Digimon is full of weapons, spikes and armor and aren't based on real creatures? They're uncreative? (which is so hilarious since we're also taking Pokemon into consideration)That's wrong, so wrong. And created only to compete with Pokemon? That's illogical considering Digimon started as a virtual pet toy. I'm not gonna even bother with the rest your rather unprofound statements.

    Anyway Digimon for me. Pokemon just isn't all that appealing for me anymore, and is always "same-y". I feel Digimon always got something entirely new.

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