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Originally Posted by 0shawott View Post
Just noticed this, you don't seem to be consistent in terms of using the é and decapitalization. In the second screenshot, 'POKéDEX' is used, although in the 24th screenshot (I didn't know how else to refer to it, sorry! I think it's May's house) 'Pokedex' is used, and in a lot of the other screenshots you have posted, 'Pokemon' and 'Pokedoll' are used too. Is this intentional? It would be brilliant if you could change them to 'Pokédex', 'Pokémon' and 'Pokédoll', but I understand finding every instance where this occurs is probably pretty difficult.
It is intentional, I originally scripted it with the accent but when it came out in-game it just didn't look right against the lower case letters in that format hence why I've stuck to the normal "e".

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Am I really the only that actually doesn't like the Hoenn idea?
I thought this will be another of Suicune's harder edits, now FR :D
But well, it might be interesting to see how you guys can do Hoenn by yourselves =)
Well my original plan was to just do the harder edit and have it done with but then atif approached me with merging the two hacks and Hoenn was part of that which sounded better considering I've released something like this previously and didn't really turn out to be all that popular. It's something that hasn't been done before and something that I really wanted to try out and so far it's proving well since everything is running like clockwork. However I may release two versions one with Hoenn and one without just so people have preference.