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    It was from Pokemon Quartz. I've saw a Let's Play of it on youtube, then there was a Let's Play of Light Platinum in the suggestion box, which took my interests. So I've decided to take a go at it. Even though I was skeptical at the game at first (Wonky difficulty curve at the start, the professor is not named after a tree) I soon began to love the game after the first gym. After playing that hack, I've decided to move on to Suicune's Expert Emerald, which was quite an excellent play, as Pokemon games nowadays tend to be a boring walk in the park. Later I've decided to try jagold's Ruby Destiny: LoG. At first, I was not sure if I would enjoy it due to fakemon, but soon I started warming up to them and even used one on my team. So now, I usually play hacks on and off, and at the moment I'm even making my own hack.
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