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And here goes my signup! Sorry to interrupt the flow, but I hope to be able to add to it soon :3 Any questions, just send them my way!

Name: Vincent Phoenix

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Personality: Vincent has always been a forward-looking kind of guy. This can be both a good and a bad thing, and it has proven to cause a lot of trouble for him in the past. He always tries his best, and sometimes a little too hard, in an attempt at secretly wanting to impress others.

Aside from wanting to try and take charge, he also is a little easier to anger than others, and is in general easier to annoy. He has a very firm mindset for what is “fair”, but can force himself to twist his view of this, if it’ll mean he can get back at someone he dislikes.

Appearance: Vincent looks like a healthy, young boy at the age of 19. He’s not too skinny, but not muscular or fat either. He has a very agile look to himself, and his demeanor makes him look like he could hold his own in a fight.
He has dark-blue eyes, his hair being a dark orange, almost looking brown.

His hairstyle is short, with the tips of his front pulled slightly into the air, but it’s clear he doesn’t pay all that much attention to his hair or appearance in general.

He wears a dark-green T-shirt with a pair of jeans, and white sneakers, two Pokéballs attached to his belt. He usually has a pleasant expression on his face, with determination lurking just around the corner. He also carries a small pack at his hip with a couple potions, berries and the like.

History: Growing up in the suburbs of Goldenrod gave Vincent his determined, leader-like mindset, along with a die-hard survival instinct. He’s been in fights before, but nothing deadly as such, just kids being kids.

His father was a scientist and his mother worked at a Milktank farm just outside the city, meaning his father were almost never home, and gave him the job of being the man in the house, more or less.

When he was 12, he headed out on his Pokémon journey, travelling around the nearby cities to meet with others, fight and train the Abra he was given by his father, who helped him catch his first Pokémon. Along his journey, he also caught a Vulpix he nicknamed Flare, and generally travelled around Johto, training and bonding with them.

At one point, he felt his friends deserved a break, and so, he spent the money he had made dueling against others, on a cruise for him and his Pokémon, and for a while, they had a good time. Until the ship wrecked and Vincent was tossed overboard. Thankfully, his Pokémon were in their pokéballs when he was flung overboard, his mind quickly blanking as his head hit something hard.

Interested in romance?: Definitely, and he would be straight.

Other: ( ;P )

Pokemon #1:

Species: Kadabra

Nickname: Ace

Gender: Male

Nature and characteristics: I like to develop my Pokémon in the RP itself, rather than stick to a list of ways they should act, if that’s okay. Strong-willed and protective, easy to anger.

Pokemon #2:

Species: Ninetales

Nickname: Flare

Gender: Female

Nature and characteristics: Caring and loyal, but timid and held-back.
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