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nuzlocke challenge progress

a big but sad update today because two of my pokemon died
i defeated brock and had several close calls throughout route 3 and mt. moon, i caught another spearow in route 4(not currently knowing i could trade for a far'fetched in vermillion city) but i did not name it since i did not plan to use it, then i got to cerulean city beat the the nugget bridge, caught a pidgey in route 25 and named it Pidgen, and got to bill. then i went to go defeat misty.
sadly after my victory in the gym i went to go investigate the people who got robbed and my first pokemon got killed by a team rocket grunt. R.I.P Rock... after mourning i pushed on to my journey and caught a oddish in route 5, then named it Weed,(not the stuff you smoke, stuff like dandeloins) then went onto route 6 to defeat all trainers and catch a meowth that i named Rufus. went to digglet's cave and caught a digglet that i named Mole then Plant almost got killed by a level 29 dugtrio.(thank god it didn't get a magnitude 8 or 9) proceded to route 11 and was beating most the trainers over there until someone's raticate got a hyper fang in Mouse and was killed. i was spazzing out then i destroyed raticate with Plant. R.I.P Mouse... i am currently preparing to defeat the gym in vermillion and then going to lavender town

what i killed and caught each area

route 1 killed a pidgey
route 2 killed a weedle
viridian forest captured a Lv3 pikachu named her Mouse
route 3 caught a Lv7 spearow named her Bird
mt. moon caught a Lv8 geodude named her Rock
route 4 caught a second Lv10 spearow later traded it for a far'fetched in vermillion
route 5 caught a Lv13 oddish named it Weed
route 6 caught a Lv12 meowth named it Rufus(the name of one of my cats)
route 24 can't remember what i killed
route 25 caught a Lv13 pidgey named it Pidgen
vermillion city traded a second spearow for a Lv10 Far'fetched named Ch'ding o.o
digglet's cave caught a Lv19 digglet named it Mole
route 11 caught a Lv12 ekans named it Snake(forgot that ekans is snake backwards)

Current Team

Plant Lv26
Pidgen Lv15
Rufus Lv14
Mole Lv19
Snake Lv16
Weed Lv14


Ch'ding Lv16
Bird Lv16


R.I.P Rock Lv8-Lv17 killed by a Team Rocket grunt
R.I.P Mouse Lv3-Lv19 killed by a trainer in route 11
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