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so I'm at the 5th gym
it's an awesome hack so far, I haven't had any problems with it except one (kind of)

it's no big deal, but I figured I'd just post it here nonetheless
I have an Altaria, it's at level 41 now
But ever since I evolved it from Swablu, it's been learning really weird moves on level up, and it's every level
At level 36 iirc, it tried to learn frenzy plant
at level 37, it tried to learn mud shot
At level 39, it tried to learn low kick
and just now, at level 42, it tried to learn signal beam, 4 times in a row
It tried to learn it, I said keep new moves, then repeat 4x times, which was weird
I just opened the rom in PPRE and checked Altaria's moves, and everything is normal in there, so it's pretty weird

Anyway, like I said, great hack
Just figured I'd let you know

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