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Full Name: Taz Maverick
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Region: Hoenn

Additional Info: Taz is 5'9" feet tall, sometimes wears sunglasses and has black eyes.


Taz is generally seen as a very jolly and outward person, always being good company. He is happy-go-lucky but in no way immature or foolish - he might think of everyone as a friend, but he always keeps his guard up. He isn't quick to judge people, he always give them a second chance as he is kindhearted and always has good intentions. He is not the person to hold a grudge over something; he doesn't mind talking about anything with anyone. Taz is over-competitive, though, and overconfident, although he doesn't show it - he thinks being cocky is the key conquering the battle's psychology field, even though he doesn't really underestimate any opponent. He also gets excited very easily and is extremely impatient, always thriving for adventure.

What makes Taz' personality attracting is his talent for expressing himself - he often imbues his speech with his emotions, influencing it heavily, sometimes resulting in misunderstandings that hurt him deeply. He is very sensitive and takes insults or hurtful comments personally; some times he is depressed, but still seeks company.
Despite the negative effect on his behaviour his feelings can cause, he is an open person and would gladly talk about anything with anyone. He's not afraid of laughing out loud, seeming like an every-day person that likes to have fun. Taz's cheerfulness and team spirit are rather contagious; he often inspires the ones surrounding him to join his cause.

Once people get to know Taz, they really start to admire his delicate soul, which is as fragile as an artist's, and as mighty as a warrior's at the same time. He can see through things and their original means; he also possesses the ability of observation in-depth and an amazing prowess at solving mysteries.
Taz's ethics have a positive effect on his personality - he is able to maintain his calm, although always eager and impatient when it comes to adventure as said before.


Taz was born in the majestic Agate village, Orre region, into a family of retired professional trainers. As a kid, he always aspired to become like his father, Romulus, who had won four Underground Tournaments in a row, and to befriend the most powerful and elegant allies like his mother did. When his 10th birthday arrived, his parents decided it was time to set Taz onto his own adventure - and so, they gifted him an Eevee, whose name was Papercut. But he was too young to travel around, so he spent the next three years playing and training the Eevee around Relic Forest. He battled with his father multiple times at the start, Romulus using an equally strong as Taz' Eevee - but seeing Papercut getting stronger, he challenged others from the village and eventually beat all of them, displaying an amazing amount of skill and talent.
Romulus saw his potential as a trainer and decided to take him to Phenac City's Trainer School. The two of them moved to Phenac, where Taz started his course in that school; he was challenging others to battle often.

Another three years passed, Taz had now finished his school course and was ready to take on the Phenac City's colosseum challenge. Having a Jolteon now and two more Pokemon in his arsenal, a Charmeleon and a Metang, he thought it would be easy to get through the trainers - but the challenge proved to be far more difficult than he could ever imagine. Stubborn as he was, he took it personally and trained his Pokemon harder, battling anyone he would see on the streets of Phenac. His father then gifted him his Shelgon who proved to be a loyal ally and a strong addition to his team.
So, after some months, he took on the Colosseum challenge he so wanted to win; only to fail again. Disappointed and heartbroken, he announced to his father that he is quitting as a Pokemon trainer, but Romulus prevented him from doing so, reminding him that we learn from our mistakes. He convinced him that not all was lost, and that Taz was old enough to start travelling around the world. Taz considered this, and he decided to travel to Hoenn.

Hoenn proved to be as challenging and fun as Taz had expected; he travelled all around it, meanwhile training his Pokemon and looking for new ones. Having caught two more Pokemon, a Duosion and a Zoroark, his team excelled at battling; Taz started collecting badges from the Gym leaders, but he had no intention of challenging the league at first. But the friends he had made pushed him towards that direction, and, after hard training, he overcame the Hoenn Elite Four and became the Champion. But he eventually grew bored of the League, even though he was unbeaten by then.
Romulus, knowing his son well, had sent him a newspaper in the mail. The newspaper had something on it which managed to caught Taz's attention; he searched the internet for more information involving it and found out about the terror that had spread.

When the news of the mysterious, exciting but dangerous carnivorous Pokemon reached Taz's ear, he considered it as a brand new level of experience; the life-risking kind of one. He wouldn't miss the 'fun' for a million of dollars.

  • Reuniclus

    Item: Spell Tag
    Nickname: Zaun
    Appearance: Zaun has bigger and pointier ears than the normal Reuniclus. He wears his Spell Tag as a belt and has a really, really creepy smile and blue eyes.
    Personality: Although he is a Pokemon under Taz's possesion, he is extremely independant and doesn't like to be inside the pokeball. And, despite being close friends to Taz, he is destructive, evil and agressive. He is incredibly smart and appears to be able to communicate with Taz.
    History: Taz found the Duosion in a testing facility in Mosdeep, where he bought him and raised him as his main Pokemon, because he fancied the communication he was able to establish with this particular Pokemon.
    Ability: Wonder Guard
    Moves: Trick Room, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Pain Split, Recover
  • Jolteon

    Item: Metronome
    Nickname: Papercut
    Appearance: Papercut's fur also has black spikes amongst the yellow and white ones; it is said to be a transmutation from Orre. His tiny Metronome hangs down his heck in a chain.
    Personality: He has exactly the same personality as his master - outgoing, friendly and mellow, but deep and sometimes wise at the same time.
    Papercut was the starter Pokemon of Taz, and their personalities are about the same due to the time they have spent together.
    Ability: Volt Absorb
    Moves: Discharge, Thunder, Last Resort, Pin Missile, Detect, Double Team
  • Salamence

    Item: Dragon Fang
    Nickname: Skidred
    Appearance: N/A
    Personality: Like Zaun, he is agressive and mighty. He is always dedicated to his cause, loyal to his trainer. The fury he builds up in a battle is enormous and overwhelming.
    History: Taz had found the Shelgon in his journey to the far northern mountains of Orre.
    Ability: Intimidate
    Fly, Dragon Claw, Outrage, Flamethrower, Thunder Fang
  • Charizard

    Item: Charcoal
    Nickname: Ardentios
    Appearance: Multiple black scars run across his body.
    Personality: He is serious and loyal to Taz; he never lets fury overtake him and always fights with honour.
    History: Taz caught Ardentios as a Charmeleon in the northern Orre, exactly where he had caught Skidred.
    Ability: Blaze
    Moves: Inferno, Flamethrower, Heat Wave, Air Slash, Crunch
  • Zoroark

    Item: Razor Fang
    Nickname: Alinthea
    Appearance: N/A
    Personality: She is sneaky and likes to pull pranks; she is also self-centered and hates to lose.
    History: A friend of Taz's gifted him this Zoroark.
    Ability: Illusion
    Moves: Focus Blast, Night Daze, Night Slash, Thief, Counter
  • Metagross

    Item: Light Clay
    Nickname: Silas
    Appearance: N/A
    Personality: Silas does not show any kind of emotion at all. However, he seems to be fully aware of what Taz has on his mind.
    History: In Dewford Island, Taz found Silas when he was a Beldum.
    Ability: Clear Body
    Moves: Meteor Mash, Zen Headbutt, Ice Punch, Psychic, Light Screen

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