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Not to Zane’s surprise, Hanso’s response was laid back and dismissive. He noticed that about TrueStriker. He was much quieter than many other Gold Tribe members he met. He still had the same dedication and strength the others had, but he used it differently. Zane supposed there were grand purposes for every type, and TrueStriker was slowly beginning to show his. The mention of Roswell made something churn at the bottom of Zane’s stomach. He still despised himself for actually trusting the thieves so much in all this. He had naively assumed that it would be possible to finally stop hundreds of years of hate and simply coexist together once more. Yet Roswell had shown him once more how different the two sides were. For someone who thought he knew much about the world, Zane found himself baffled.

“I still can’t believe what happened.” He said to TrueStriker. He looked up at Defender, who was being carried by Sword and Shield. “Poor Defender. He took this all really hard. I hope he’s going to be alright….”

“Thereitis!” Hoodhide exclaimed, beginning to run to the town even though he was still fairly injured from the wounds. His excitement to be back in his home must have overwhelmed the pain.

“Hey, slow down, brother! You’ll open your wounds again!” Calamity yelled at him.

Hoodhide didn’t bother listening, who ran out over to the village entrance, which was already being opened, and the village Pokemon children all began to run towards Hoodhide and swarm him. Hoodhide tried his best to embrace all of them through all of the chaos of the puddle of Pokemon around him. Despite everything that had happened in the past day, the sight made Zane smile. They began asking him numerous questions, to which Hoodhide was unable to respond all at once, but tried his best.

“That’s enough, children!” A Jumpluff said from behind, who Zane imagined was the village leader. The children reluctantly got off of Hoodhide, as he stood up, still smiling brightly. “Lucian! It’s great to see you again. What brings you back here?”

“Well, thethingis, we need a-place to stay-and rest. We’vebeenthrough a-lot.” Hoodhide chirped.

“Hmm, I see. We’ll you and your Gold Tribe are always welcome here, Lucian. Come in, come in! We’ll prepare food right away. And we can take care of your wounded too.”

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