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    Originally Posted by Para-Dox View Post
    How could I not ignore this topic about our reptilian friends?

    Name: Para-Dox

    Your Trainer Sprite: Lance

    2 Partner Pokemon(First a Dragon type, second from Dragon Family): Palkia, Sceptile

    Why have you chosen to become a Dragon Tamer?: What else would I train, a pile of sludge?

    What is your favorite Dragon Pokemon & why?

    PALKIA! It's everything I adore about dragon Pokemon combined into one Pokemon. I adored it from first sight because of Spatial Rend.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Dragonite & Salamence in battle?

    'Mence is more of a offensive beast while Dragonite has a lot of bulk. But they have a double weakness towards Ice and SR weakness. :/

    Which Dragon type & Dragon family member are you most disappointed in?

    I don't like Kuyrem at all. B and W Kuyrem ruin 2 Pokemon I like a lot. ( White 'Rem is not fluffy enough )
    Also, druddigon is a spiky waste of space.
    Sure is a lot of Clair & Lance fans around here. Drayden & Drake need some popularity \m/

    I definitely agree with you on Palkia. He's got that bulk in him and the power! Though for Kyurem, even though the fusion disappoints those that ruin Zekrom/Reshiram, just don't fuse them together xD

    But welcome to the club Para-Dox, I will get you up on the member's list shortly!

    From time to time, we will have a random, little fun contest within this Dragon club. Some will vary, some will be similar depending on the common subject. For the fair announcement, starting now until Sunday @ 8PM Eastern Time, post at least THREE photos with at least 2 different Dragons & Family (EX: 2 Dragonites will not be counted, Dragonite & Dragonair are acceptable in same photo).

    This will be a freebie, as future ones will be a bit more challenging> If you can complete this task, you will be welcomed to add an additional third Partner Pokemon to your name!