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Hello, I am Pokemon Trainer UV.

As you've seen on my intro, I like competitive battling, but I'm not really good. I've been using this strategy for quite a while now, but I think that it needs a little bit more support.

I usually do double battles on Battle Revolution.

The Sunday Charizard

The Pokemon:

[ Charizard ♀ Lv. 100 ]

HP: 319 [[============]]

Attack: 188
Defense: 192
Sp. Atk : 306
Sp. Def: 199
Speed: 261



The Item:
Life Orb

The Strategy:
What I do is set up a Sunny Day usually using either a Venusaur or Sceptile. Since grass Pokemon tend to be KO'd on the first turn in Battle Revolution, I have them holding a Focus Sash. If they survive, however, well, I simply use them, and try to keep the Sunny Day alive.
Once Sunny Day is on, I take out Charizard, upon entering, Charizard gains:

80% more power to Flamethrower (Due to Life Orb. Plus x1.5 once Blaze activates)

50% less damage from Water attacks

In addition to a super boosted Flamethrower, Charizard is also armed with:
Solarbeam (For a surprise attack on Ground and Water types)
Air Slash (Good against fighting types that might know Stone Edge)
Earthquake (I know that this Charizard has pretty low Attack, but the Life Orb helps)

However, the problem is that Charizard still suffers the problem of being Charizard. It is vulnerable to Stealth Rock, cannot survive a Stone Edge, and once Sunny Day is off, it becomes even more vulnerable.

The rest of my team is:
Snorlax (Curse/Physical Attacker)
Swampert (Stealth Rock setup, and Physical Attacker)
Garchomp (Physical Attacker)
Electivire (Mixed Sweeper)
Venusaur (or Sceptile) (Sunny Day Setup)

Do not say, "There's your problem, you're using an NU Pokemon with OU Pokemon!", because although I like Competitive Battling, I like using the Pokemon that I like even more. So tiers aren't what I'm focusing on right now.

So, can anyone tell me what can I do to improve this strategy, or can anyone recommend any Pokemon to change on my team?