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    WOAH! Okay what gives!? xD

    So I stopped working on the maps like about a week and a 1/2 ago because I could no longer find "Pokemon Jade" in this whole forum anymore and I figured progress had abruptly stopped without anouncement.

    I am soo sorry I stopped working on this with you guys and I'm aware I probably should have sent a Pm to you Oldbarrel when I realized the topic name was gone. I had no idea like legit that we switched the name and all of this. I know in my last pm I said I'd have the maps to you by around this time but truth is I don't have them since I stopped working on them because I thought you had ended this project. Please forgive me and understand my dilemna here, if you wish to remove me from your credits list I understand, if not I will gladly come back and help mapping if you send me over the new files, I am soo sorry beyond belief right now
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