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    Ok I'm going to go on a huge rant cause I HATE MAX from the Hoenn region, he is one of the most annoying and obnoxious characters I have ever seen in any TV show. I honestly dislike him which such a passion even though he is a kid he thinks he is always right even though he has been proved wrong on countless occasions. and proves the fact that he is very immature when Ash defeats his dad he runs away with the badge and cries. Why do they include characters like this he ruins most episodes for me cause I cannot even stand to gear his voice. The only episode I enjoy with him in is when Ash is battling Roxanne and he goes into one of her classes and the other kid thinks he is arrogant, I love that kid. Anyway I just wanted to write this somewhere haha sorry for going on a rant but Max gets on my nerves so much. =)

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    What do you think of Max?
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