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    • Started off with Ladien the Ledyba.
    • Caught Arachnie the Spinarak.
    • Did the Mr. Pokemon stuff.
    • Conquered Sprout Tower and got Flash.
    • Defeated Falkner and got my first badge.
    • Caught Beauty the Catterpie and evolved it into a Butterfree.
    • Headed to Azaela.
    • Beat Team Rocket.
    • Defeated Bugsy and got the second badge.
    • Beat Rival Silver.
    • Returned Farfetch'd and got Cut.
    • Ladian the Ledyba evolved into Ledian.
    • Arachnie the Spinarak evolved into Ariados.
    • Defeated Whitney and got the third badge.
    • Caught Shrooms the Paras.
    • Caught Venus the Venonat.
    • Got rid of the Sudowoodo blocking my path.
    • Released the legendary dogs/cats.
    • Beat all the Kimono Girls and got surf.
    • Caught Heracles the Heracross.
    • Defeated Morty and got the fourth badge.
    • Shrooms the Paras evolved into Parasect.
    • Went to Olivine and got Strength.
    • Beat all the trainers in the lighthouse and spoke to Jasmine.
    • Boxed Beauty the Butterfree and caught a krabby for surf.
    • Surfed to Cianwood.
    • Venus the Venonat evolved into Venomoth.
    • Defeated Chuck and got the fifth badge.
    • Got the Secretpotion for Amphy.
    • Got Fly from Chucks wife and flew back to Olivine.
    • Gave Jasmine the Secretpotion.
    • Defeated Jasmine and got the sixth badge.
    • Caught Edward the Scyther.
    • Beat the Red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage.
    • Took out Team Rocket in Mahogany Town.
    • Defeated Pryce and got the seventh badge.
    • Finished off Team Rocket in Goldenrod City.
    • Flew back to Mahogany Town and went to Blackthorn City.
    • Defeated Clair, passed the Dragon Master's test and got the badge.
    • Now off to the Pokemon League!

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