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Originally Posted by Kanto_Johto View Post
If they were to go with something new I'd actually like to see the games corner replaced with a mini games house or something. Harder mini games on harder levels would score you more coins/however much of something you collect determines how many coins you win, if any. That'd be equally as addicting and requires skill as opposed to luck.
Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post

Something like the arcade I mentioned earlier could work. We have to buy coins for the machines and than we play for tickets, after we get enough we can trade for tm's, stuff Pokémon for our bases, special kinds of Pokéballs found deeper in the game (maybe a return of the Johto balls?), ect.
An arcade with mini games, that would be a nice simple replacement. Any leftover TMs they need the remakes to have but no where good to put them could be some of the prizes. Also how about Pokémon prizes??

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