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The sound of the waves lapping the edge of the beach and crashing softly on the sand was rather pleasing to Damion's ears, However, the aching and pain across his whole body, wasn't. In the distance he could hear some people shouting or talking or something. He wasn't really sure, but as he came to the ONLY thing he could feel was the massive headache he had.

"Ohh man... I think I had way too many free 'drinks' on the cruise, my head is killing me!" He mumbled to himself as he lifted his head from the sand. "And I was having the most wonderful dream too." As he looked up and saw the beach he was lying on, he had quite the look of confusion about him. "Uhh.... what the-?" Looking around he couldn't figure out if he was still dreaming. Wiping some sand from his face he started to gather himself and start to stand. Dusting the damp sand from his body he looked around seeing the beach behind him, and a forest in front him. "I guess I was half right!" he said joking to himself.

Mid way through brushing himself gasped and then grabbed for his belt. His heart dropped as he frantically grabbed for the spot where he normally kept his Pokéballs. As his hand wrapped around all 3 he had brought with him he let out a huge sigh of relief. He turned around searching for the next most important thing to him, his backpack. Seeing it about 2 ft to the left of him, he threw his hands down in the beach in relief. "Ehh, maybe this is really a nightmare..." The sharp pain from his body snapped him back to reality.

"Man, what the hell happened?" Damion asked himself. "Then again, if I wasn't so busy 'enjoying' the cruise and all it had to offer I might actually remember." Patting the Pokéballs on his belt he said to himself "Bet you guys are alright in there, probably fared better than I did."

After collecting his pack and dusting as much of the sand off as he could, he slung it over his shoulders and started looking around what he could see of the island. "I thought I heard voices, I wonder who could be on this island." He fixed his long hair, dusted some of the sand out of it, and then started heading inland, listening to see if he could hear any of the voices he thought he heard. Despite his body being in a lot of pain, he continued to push forward knowing all to well what to much sun can lead to.

As he headed continued walking along the beach, heading towards some shade, he reached into his pack and pulled out his wire frame sunglasses and put them on. "Least I still look damn good!" He said with a smirk, partially wincing from the pain.
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