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    Safari ball.

    Trainer Name
    : Seph Kane

    Trainer Type:super nerd
    Trendy Title: master tactition
    Gender: male
    Age: 17

    I can easily get a written form too.

    Home Region: Sinnoh
    Bio: Seph barely noticed the closing off of borders since he himself was always closed off. His brains were what gave him the stereotype nerd, but he wasn’t a full on geek. He was a strategist above all things. He trained himself and his pokemon for very precise battling. He’d get practice in everyday before having to go work at his parents’ store. For the majority of Sephs life the place was doing great, but he was oblivious to the shop’s inability to get goods from other regions. Seph’s life has mostly fallen apart since then. With his family store unable to stock the majority of its goods Seph’s family has fallen into debt. Hearing about the tournament Seph decided he’d make use of his training o get them out of the financial trouble.

    Personality: Seph is a very solitary person. He prefer his privacy, and keeps many secrets. He finds that if he doesn’t connect with people then his problems don’t befall them and their problems don’t befall him. As a trainer Seph is obsessed with strategy his own and others. His number one annoyance is when trainers fight without any strategy since they often are no challenge.
    Key Item of Choice: itemfinder
    Aura Color: rain cloud gray
    Pokemon Team:

    Electivire X, Turbine: expert belt : thunder punch, shock wave, low kick, ice punch. Lvl 30 ((perfectly done))

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