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    Hey, do you guys mind if I refer to this club as "Club Keiri?"

    I just have a quick request, and I'm sort of scared to go elsewhere because I don't want to spoil anything. A couple of friends and I are watching bleach, and we're on episode 50ish or something. I'm having lots of difficulty keeping track of who's in what squad and what everyone's names are. I pretty much can only remember Ichigo, Rukia, Chad, Ken, Aizen, and Ururu. Might anyone be able to create a horrid Microsoft Paint picture matching the captains to the lieutenants? Here's what I have so far.

    Team 1: The really old guy is the captain, I think I saw his lieutenant for a sec, I just got to the episode where Ichigo beats like three lieutenants in like half a second.
    Team 4: I saw the captain (I'm pretty sure) flying on her giant manta ray bankai, dunno the lieu, I think she was one of the 3 Ichigo beat up without his sword in the last episode I watched.
    Team 5: Is the squinty eye dude that reminds me of Meowth the captain of this one? I know his lieu is the guy with the sword that has a hookie type dealio going on.
    Team 6: Pretty sure the guy with the white stuff in his hair that's Rukia's brother is the captain here, and I know his lieu is the Red hair guy with eyebrows that go down his back.
    Team 7, 8, 9, and 10, and 2 and 3 for that matter: I know there's some captain that's a chick. I know the short guy is a captain with a lieu with big boobs. I know the purple hair blind guy is a captain, and I think his lieu is the guy that has a piece of metal on the side of his face? I know the guy who looks like he's wearing a giant lampshade (just found out he's like a tiger) is a captain. Is Aizen one of these captains here, with the chick that has her sword explode stuff? The third lieutenant that Ichigo beat up (he transformed his sword into something that looked like a big spiky ball and Ichigo punched through it) is one of these, and my favorite Captain with the hat and the pink robe that always hits on ladies is one of these captains, and I know what his lieu looks like.
    Team 11: That's Ken's team! I know who the lieu is, but don't know her name (she's my favorite character in the anime so far)
    Team 12: Uhhh, that creepy guy that's black and white and has scythes sticking out of his face that the quincy (again, don't know his name) fought. Lieu is some chick he built.
    Team 13: White hair dude that's always sick, and Rukia!

    So, as you can see, I desperately need help figuring this all out. Can anyone help me?