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@Shining Raichu Just make a bunch of accounts until you get the house you want lol (just skip through the first 6 and a half chapters) That's what I did when I got bored haha

Also, the PS2 games are the best! I used to play them all the time! The fourth is good because of mutiplayer but the fifth is just the best overall. (I don't have 1-3 and I have the rest for wii) Speaking of video games, any one play the lego harry potter's? They're the best! :D

@Lightning. Do it! Worst case scenario you just don't read them and then waste uh... 20 bucks? 30? (I really have no clue as to how much things cost XD) But, best case, you learn Japanese (and Japanese potter spells) in a really cool way ^_^