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    Been very busy with other things lately so I haven't had time to update so let's get started.

    Ultimate:no(idk waht this is for)
    game:Fire Red
    First off, as I stated in the OP, Ultimate Mode is doing the challenge in all five regions e.g. Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, Black. But anyway, welcome to the challenge!

    username: Rafael p Ultimate: no game:Yellow
    Ok you've been accepted so welcome!

    While no one would ever use it, should Wobbuffet be allowed for the same reason as Meowth/Lickitung?
    You raise a good point with Wobbuffet. Ok I will edit the OP so everyone can use Wobbuffet.

    I wont start till im accepted tho

    Username/Trainer Name: Zagan (when i restart, im naming myself Zagan)
    Ultimate: not for now
    Game(s): White

    Triple edit: Started again (still same info as above)

    • Acquired Snivey
    • Battled Chen and Bianca for the first time, I was nice, they got to keep their new pokemon
    • got the stuff from Juniper and The boss (mom) and started journey, beat up some wild pokemon
    • got to Accumala Town, looked around the Pokemon Centre, No Pokemon to steal
    • Battled some random nutjob called N after listening to some other Nutjobs calling themselves Team Plasma
    • Traveled through route 2, beat up a few trainer pokemon, nothing special to steal
    • Battled Bianca for the second time, stole her Oshawott
    • tried looking for the gym leader, met Chen again, battled him and stole his tepig
    • traveled to the dreamyard, beat up some more trainer pokemon, nothing but Purrlions, Patrats and Lillipups, nothing worth stealing >.<
    • Acquired a Panpour
    • currently in training to take the first gym by storm
    Update 2:
    • Got the first badge, stole Chili's pansage
    • tried being noble, saved a Munna from team plasma and beat a couple of grunts silly. during this fight Panpour got free, damn monkey
    • travelled onwards from Striaton City to Route 3, beat some trainers and stole another Panpour
    Good to see you acting like a true member of Team Rocket. Welcome to the challenge.

    Username/Trainer Name: Charlie Brown / James*
    Ultimate: No thanks
    Game(s): Ruby

    I saw this on another forum and I signed up for it there, so I'll post my updates here as well (if I remember). I'm currently doing another challenge on Ruby so it'll be a while before I start though, unfortunately.

    *because James is amazing ok
    Well, I wasn't expecting this challenge to be on another forum but as I'm only in control of it on this forum, that's fine. Welcome to the challenge.

    I'm going to go ahead and sign up for this.

    Name: Myrrhman/A
    Ultimate: At the moment, no. I do lots of challenges though, so I might eventually change it to an ultimate.
    Game: Red

    And I'm cocky enough to tell you my team: Nidoking and Misty's Starmie.

    Don't know why I'm editing as I go, but Update 1:
    Got Bulbasaur, beat Blue, got Nidoran M, beat Blue, Nidoran M evolved.
    Update 2:
    Beat Brock, Nidorino Evolved, Taught Nidoking Water Gun, Caught Starmie, Beat Misty, Beat Blue.
    I know exactly what you mean with doing lots of challenges so that's ok. Wlecome to the challenge.
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