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Ragnaros 'Bloodthirster' Phylax

Ragnaros watched Sword and Shield pick up Penance from the ground, then followed the rest of the group towards the village. His thoughts travelled to the battlefield, earlier; he remembered the feeling that overcame him, the need to protect his allies and friends. Then he wondered if friends would hit each other in order to stop nonsense talk. He glanced at Penance, thinking he truly had been through alot, even more than him.

Ragnaros shook his head. He realized blood was dripping down his face all this time and that the wound on his shoulder was slightly bleeding. The exhaustion of the battle struck him; he really had pushed it to the extreme with Sovereign, and the thought of collapsing right there was enticing.

'Thereitis!' Hoodhide shouted ran towards the village, possibly ignoring the pain from his wounds.

'Hey, slow down, brother! You’ll open your wounds again!' Calamity yelled at him.

The Pokemon of the village swarmed around Hoodhide, asking him questions. Ragnaros looked at the sky and tried to withstand the fuss. Somebody started talking and his ears caught the key words 'place' 'to' 'rest'. He looked down on the ground again, a Jumpluff was talking with Hoodhide.

'Hmm, I see. We’ll you and your Gold Tribe are always welcome here, Lucian. Come in, come in! We’ll prepare food right away. And we can take care of your wounded too.'

Ragnaros opened his eyes wide for a moment. Then he flapped his wings and parted from the rest of the group, approaching the villagers. His massive size would probably be a reason to fear him, but he was a Gold Tribe member. What was there to fear of the Gold Tribe? Probably the Silver Tribe following us, he thought but didn't say a thing. If they didn't rest here and now...

'I need some treatment,' he demanded in a worn out tone. A Chansey appeared behind the crowd and motioned her hand for him to follow. She lead him to what possibly was an inn, and made him stay outside for 'obvious reasons' to which she chuckled and he smirked. The Chansey went inside and returned after two minutes with a sitrus berry. Ragnaros plucked it from her hands and swallowed it whole; he then laid on the ground and, without being able to help it, fell asleep.


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