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Originally Posted by Jerrys123111 View Post
I am loving this hack so far DJG! Thank you for making such a awesome hack! Off topic here, but do you ever intend to update RoL since that game was amazing, but the world map was super glitchy. I tried fixing it myself, but I fail at ROM hacking
DJG already stated that there won't be any updates or edits on RoL =)
There's someone who's remaking it but we don't know much about it...

Originally Posted by U_Flame View Post
Shaymin question. I have to activate all the dying plants in Lost Shadow right? How will I know when I've activated the all? Will it let me know when the last one is activated?
You need to count them :D
Or you can just "talk" with the weird green thing in the cave (that one with entrance to hazy Shadow Valley), the effect will be the same.
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