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Vincent Phoenix

The sounds of waves gently lapping on a shore finally reached Vincent’s ears, coming in as a foggy, blurred sound at first, but gradually strengthening. He groaned out softly, moving his hands to press them against the sand underneath him, slowly and shakily pushing himself up before violently coughing several times, saltwater spilling out of his mouth and onto the sand below.

He let out a deep gasp of air, turning himself over to lie on his back, blinking his eyes slowly as he stared up into the blue, cloud-free sky, trying to go through the events of what had happened in his head.
“… Where am I? What happened last…? I… was on the boat. Going to see a play on the back part of it… when someone shouted through the speakers. And then…”

His eyes widened, and he sat up, hands clenching around the sand laying by his sides as he remembered the crash and being flung overboard. His hands swooped down to check if his pokéballs were still there, smiling a little with relief as they were. For the first time since he had woken up, he looked around himself, slowly turning as he pushed himself to a stand, staring into the jungle-like forest slightly further up the beach.

Taking a few moments to collect himself, he furrowed his brows, folding his arms across his chest. “Alright… this isn’t good. I’m not sure where this is, but it’s neither Kanto nor Johto. So I’m going to have to rely on either someone sending a rescue party, or trying to find my way through the woods.” He sighed deeply to himself, lifting a hand to ruffle his hair, getting most of the sand and salt out of it before checking his pack for all of his necessary items, in case his friends were hurt.

He then glanced up and down the beach, trying to spot any other survivors, frowning a little as he neither saw, nor heard anyone. He was split between starting on making a shelter, or finding others who might need his help. Eventually, he decided to head up into the outskirts of the woods and look the trees over, while collecting the large leaves that was laying on the ground underneath. They could prove a good roof. He wasn’t going to call on his friends to help him. Not until he had secured a place they could stay in peace, and more importantly, dryly.

OOC: So yeah, anyone who’s walking along the beach might be able to see Vincent. Feel free to interact with him :3
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