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    Originally Posted by Trask3000 View Post
    nice tutorial :D, this would really help me since I don't like unlz that much.
    Thanks, Glad you liked it! :D

    Originally Posted by C_r_e_a_m_p_u_f_f View Post
    Nonono you forgot an important thing in your tutorial. While indexing you MUST DESELECT that "Use Floyd-Steinberg dithering" as it adds useless dithering and pixel clusters to your sprites which practically looks ruined if zoomed in to the sprite. Other than that, you made an easy-to-follow tutorial and it might help a few learners.

    And important notice: Copy-pasting the real stuff in Paint as described in the Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C thing is wrong. The Windows 7 version of MS Paint does not allow such indexing. I recommend using GIMP as it provides useful tools for working with already indexed sprites.
    Sorry, I don't have GIMP... (I don't know anything about it only know MS PAINT xD)

    And I don't have Windows 7 yet, I'm using my old computer which has Windows XP and also your right in that Floyd-SteinBerg dithering thingy, also I still don't know in Windows 7 if you can't really copy past the sprite over the other one, so maybe this tut is for Windows XP and Vista only lol

    But even though you don't do that your sprite is still indexed btw, And also I made this tutorial for hackers that don't like using UNLZ in inserting sprites...

    On the first place I didn't even want to post a tut on Indexing and go straight to inserting sprites, But I changed my mind cause I see myself b4 what if I were those newbies? xD

    Also if you guys think that my Indexing tut is hard, you can use other peoples tut on Indexing Sprites, thank you!
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