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Originally Posted by Lightning
I'm kind of torn, guys. ;~; The Japanese e-books finally went up on the Pottermore store and I really, REALLY wanna get them to help me practise my reading but they don't work on Kindle waaah. I hate reading things on my PC or smartphone but... but... Harry Potter books! Think it's worth it? :c (Especially since just importing the last books [they split all of the later books into two!] is like $50 per book before massive shipping costs because the books weigh a ton. ;__;
If it's something you want, go for it! It sounds like you're definitely getting out cheap in the end lol. I'd wait for a little bit though and see if a Kindle-compatible version comes out though. It might be worth your while to bide your time a little.

Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb
@Shining Raichu Just make a bunch of accounts until you get the house you want lol (just skip through the first 6 and a half chapters) That's what I did when I got bored haha
Haha I would if I had the patience to do that! With my luck I'd just keep making the same mistakes over and over again and just have seventeen Slytherin accounts . Besides I really love the wand I got on my first account and I don't wanna give it up

I guess I'll just have to suck it up and be a Slytherin lol.


On the subject of the PS2 games; omg I love them so much. I agree with Jorah that the first three are the best; I love the format of just running free around the castle. I think that's awesome, much better than the plot-based games from 4 onward. I think the problem with 4 onward is that there is a lot more story to fit into the game, so they couldn't really keep going on in the same format. They had to fit as much in as efficiently as possible so they had to go by plot points instead. Which sucks, but I understand it.

AND THE GNOME GAME OMG. OK I had the first two games on PS1, so when I first got them on PS2, I nearly lost it. I was like "LOOK AT THESE GRAPHICS!!!!!!11!1!1" So then when the first thing you did was play the gnome came in Chamber of Secrets, I think I spent over an hour just throwing gnomes over the Weasley's fence. It was so pretty and serene in the Weasley back garden, I loved it there! Ahhh memories.

My main problem with the Harry Potter games was "Flipendo". What the hell was that lmao.

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