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Flipendo is in Pottermore, so I take it it is a canon spell now. I actually liked Flipendo...I like hitting random people with it XD Then again, I do that in most games where you have a gun and are able to shoot random citizens XD The 4th was horrible because you were outside the whole time with a plot that revolved around killing everything. You didn't even enter the castle once. I remember the camera angle being terrible, as well. From 5 onwards, I noticed that they based the plot on the films, rather than loosely on the books as the first 3 did (I have no idea what the 4th was going for). My favourite thing about the old games was running away from the prefects at night XD

I had PS and CoS for both PS1 and 2 as was actually pretty cool because it wasn't just updated graphics, the game play was pretty different, too. ...I...I think I played these games too much :> Good times.