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Oh no, I was saying that Machop and Drowzee should be on the list of usable Pokemon, because Team Rocket uses them, similarly to how Meowth, Lickitung, and Kangaskhan are allowed.

And update 2 is here:
Beat Blue
Saved Bill
Traded Spearow for Farfetch'd <--- first slave
Taught Dux Cut
Taught Nidoking Body Slam
Beat Blue
Rubbed the SS Anne's Captain's back

Beat Surge
Taught Starmie Thunderbolt and Bubblebeam
Taught Starmie Ice Beam and Nidoking Rock Slide
Taught Starmie Psychic.

Update 3:
Beat Erika
Beat Giovanni
Beat Blue
Saved Fuji
Beat Blue
Got Lapras <--- Second Slave
Beat Giovanni
Taught Nidoking Earthquake
Taught Dux Fly

Update 4:
Made an oopsies and deleted Starmie's Psychic for Surf instead of deleting Bubblebeam for Surf.
Taught Lapras Strength
Beat Koga
Beat Sabrina
Beat Blaine

Update 5:
Beat Giovanni
Beat Blue
Beat Loreli
Beat Bruno
Beat Agatha
Beat Lance
Beat Blue.