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Originally Posted by Darkrai Lv.1000 View Post
Thanks. Doing this, I've successfully added the 157 extra moves in Ruby. I also have those extra 157 slots in PGE after Psycho Boost. But am I supposed to get "unhandled exception" errors when I click on any one of them? Clicking continue lets me go as normal, but I think it might be tied to the free space I gave. When it says I have to leave 13 x the number of new attacks free bytes, I calculated it and replaced those corresponding FF's with 00's. Am I supposed to do that, or leave them as FF's?

EDIT: it just doesn't seem to matter whether I use 00's or FF's (I still don't know which is the right one, though), I just keep getting that error. It still works as normal, but that error is annoying. I'm sure I've done it right... :/
Hmm, that free space is for the attack names. If you leave it as all 00's, it will definitely cause an error in PGE. The all 0xFF's may do so as well since it would cause PGE to display an "empty" name. Try copying and pasting the first 157 move names into that space, it may help.
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