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Originally Posted by Harlequin View Post
I don't think Hollywood would allow such atheist 'propaganda' material (His Dark Materials did have its roots in atheism, right? I hope I haven't gotten the wrong series, oops) to be released in mainstream media, lol. Society would fall apart at the seams! Civilizations would crumble! Nicole Kidman!
No, you're right. That's the one.

Originally Posted by Ryoutarou View Post
I would say the Narnina movies are pretty awesome, rather different from the books at times, but they're still fun. The Golden Compass was...whoamama that movie had problems right from the start. I think the director even came out and pretty much disowned The Golden Compass now for what he feels was too much executive meddling thanks to the controversy over the book itself. It's something the studio should have been prepared for, but I think they just say a successful book series and wanted to capture some of that Harry Potter book to movie magic.
I guess the Narnia movies weren't too bad. They just felt a little too CG-tastic for me. And I'm a little bitter they didn't do them all. Not as bitter at what they did with The Golden Compass, but with that at least I feel like they failed so completely I never had to get my hopes up that they might make more.