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Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
Fantastic post, but they are only trivially easy to make if they act like the "old" evolution stones. That is, the ones already in the game.

If you want to create the function of the Dawn Stone, for example, you require extra code to deal with the male/female only aspect of it.

Using Item editor, create a clone item of a Potion. Make sure it looks like this:

(The reason I have ?'s is that I haven't actually saved the item to my ROM, the index I'm using happens to be 72, change it to whatever your item's index is). Obviously, you can have the price, name, and pictures be whatever you desire.

Now, on your cloned item, the "Special" values should be 00 and 20, correct?

That 20 stands for how much HP it recovers! So if you change that to 90, it will recover 90 HP. Easy huh?
(Note, I haven't actually tested it, but it should work in theory).
Oh thanks, but is there a way to create an item that boosts stats if held.
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