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Creed Reese

Creed gave Lucy a stark look after her last comment. It wasn't because he was pissed off at her for her suggestion, but rather, because he came to the realization that he wasn't as strong as he thought. He then looked in a random direction and said, "Well, thanks for your help. I have to get outta here, ASAP, or else bad things will me, not you." It was a little odd, Mako was dormant for longer than he'd ever been before, it wasn't normal. Clearly he wasn't dead, but something was definitely wrong. "That said, it would definitely be dangerous for you two if I were to travel with you; not that you proposed that I do, but I definitely don't want to go into a city full of children. I'm not on anyone's side, I just do what I can to protect him, and that's all that matters to me." He stood up from the rock he was on, and started walking aimlessly. "That's not to say I wouldn't want to hear you two squeal in pain." He laughed a maniacal laugh. "But you saved me, and I'm not "evil", whatever that means, anyway. I really am grateful." Creed turned around and said, "Well Lucy, Amy, it's been a pleasure."

Creed bowed and then turned to leave, but an all too untimely transformation took place. A burning sensation overcame his body. Creed's legs stopped being able to support the weight of his body. He fell face first and started to hold his stomach, rolling around uncontrollably. He let out small shouts in pain. The blue tint of his skin started to disappear, and his hair growth started to regress. The emptiness and distant appearance of his eyes changed into a glorious green color. Then, once the dust settled, there laid a boy, quiet and gentle. The boy sat up and tried to look around. His vision was blurry, but as it cleared he saw to figures, both girls. Surrounding them were various adults of various ages and sexes. "Wh-what happened here?" He searched his memory, trying to remember what happened to him. Last thing he could remember was being accosted by a man with a knife outside of Floaroma. "T... Tarsus Gin...why does that name feel so familiar? Why do I even know it at all?" The boy, Mako, wasn't too sure about what was happening.

"I'm as clueless as you are, maybe you killed that guy," said a deep, disembodied voice from somewhere. It clearly wasn't one of the two girls, and the adults that remained were incapacitated, so there was only one other being that could have said it.

"Oh, Kraus, it's you...I don't think I killed that guy, it wouldn't explain why I'm here." He looked around and assessed the scenario. "I've got it! That man must've knocked me out and tried to take me to Eterna to work for him, but then those girls over there," He pointed to Lucy and Amy, "saved us." Kraus was a little dubious about the two girls saving them, they didn't look too tough to him, but he wasn't quick to counter his argument; after all, Mako's explanation made a heck of a lot more sense than his did. Mako ran over to the girls and heartily said, "Thank you guys so much for saving me! Is there any thing we could do to repay you?"
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