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Alex Hall

Wrapping a towel around himself, Alex left the steamy bathroom and back in to the chaos of his bedroom. His pokémon had decided to play poker whilst he showered, which didn't look like it had gone well - considering Medicham was the only one with hands.

Squirt squawked as Alex entered the room, the large bird Pokémon flying back and forth around the higher ceiling, eyeing up an agitated Medicham but not willing to take the risk.

A bright yellow, furry leg stuck out from under the bed. Fang had been hiding since the others kicked off.

Sighing, not in the mood to give a lecture, Alex picked up the red and white balls and returned all three pokémon to them. "You guys are nothing but trouble," he moaned as he tossed the balls on to one of the messed up beds, before collapsing on to the other himself.

His first day on the island had sure been interesting, Fang was close to perfecting his energy ball and then there was that black haired boy, Ryudo. Alex still couldn't work out where he'd seen the trainer before, but something about him seemed so familiar.

A sudden rustle at the door jolted Alex upright. He heard the quiet beep of the key-card reader before the door opened - but it wasn't enough time to compose himself much. Stood there was another boy, suitcase in tow.

"Er, I think you have the wrong room," said Alex, which, with a confused face and a wet mop of hair, was not the most gracious of greetings, "This one is mine."
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