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    I'm doing my first Nuzlocke run. I'm playing SoulSilver and only using the basic two rules (fainted Pokemon go in PC [I don't have the heart to release them] and you can only catch the first Pokemon you see in each location). I'm not using any rules like Pokemon Center or item limits, no legendaries, no evolving, quicksave-only (no turning the game off to resume from a saved point if you don't like what's happened to you), etc.

    I have one gym badge and one Pokemon: Chikorita. I'm sure you know what happened to the others. If only I'd grinded longer.

    If you're not using the quicksave-only rule, SAVE OFTEN. I had a level 10 Geodude and I thought it'd be safe from that level 3 Bellsprout until the latter busted out a Vine Whip. I turned my game off, forgetting how long it'd been since I'd saved, and there I was, outside Dark Cave with no Geodude. To add insult to injury, this happened a SECOND time. I'm learning this lesson the hard way.
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