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    Chapter 2

    Grey wandered down Rotue 1, his pokemon by his side. Oshawott and Lillipup both strong specimens. His pokedex was good, it had told him what to catch. He realised that he hadn't check out the 'dex about Oshawott. He held up the piece of machinery.
    "Oshawott, the water starter. Oshawott is often shy, not obeying what their trainer commands. It is, however, the best choice of starter pokemon in Unova. This Oshawott is in the top 0.9% of Oshawotts." said the mechanical voice. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw something fast running across the tall grass.
    "Lillipup, tackle." he whisperered, not wanting the fast pokemon to hear. Lillipup quickly shot at the thing while it stood still, causing it to leap out of the grass in pain.
    "Axeeeeew!" shouted the Axew, surprised at being found.
    "Water gun!" shouted Grey, Oshawott scoring a direct hit. The Axew was now in front of him, powering up a dragon rage. Suddenly, Lillipup pounced on it, using bite. The Axew fell to the ground, failing to unleash dragon rage. Grey picked a pokeball out of his bag, thowing it at Axew. Click, click, click, clink.
    "You have caught Axew level fifteen. Lillipup is now level five, Oshawott is now level six. Axew, the basic dragon. Axew are quite powerful creatures, not normally seen on Route One. It is easy to train, perfect for beginners." said his pokedex dully.

    Randomly, an old man and a girl came out from behind a tree.
    "I am Drayden and this is Iris." said the man,
    "We saw you capture that Axew, it was simply remarkable!" exclaimed Iris,
    "Well, thank you."said Grey, still surprised. Weren't these the leaders from the final gym?
    "We hope you train it well, and one day become a dragon master." said Drayden, disappearing with Iris somewhere. Then, his wrist started buzzing. Oh yes, his Xtranseiver. He pressed a button, looking into the miniscule screen. His mom appeared,
    "Oh, Grey, you've started on your pokemon journey already!" said his mom, "Well, go to the pokemon center, there will be a deliveryman there with a town map for you."
    "Thanks mom, anyway, I really have to go now." said Grey, smiling.
    "See you soon then sweetie." his mum replied, hanging up the Xtranseiver.

    Grey walked into Accumala Town, going to the pokemon center to heal his pokemon.
    "Would you like to heal your pokemon?" asked the nurse, taking the three pokeballs. "All happy and healthy, take care!" said the nurse, as Grey walked out. There was a man waiting for him,
    "Are you Grey?" he asked, giving Grey $5000 and a town map from his mom. Grey took them, walking to the square, seeing some people standing there. He stood next to a green haired boy, watching a speech.
    "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I would like to talk to you today about pokemon liberation." said Ghethis

    There you go, that was chapter two. I hope you enjoyed it. Seems like I still haven't done part of chapter two, I'll put it in Chapter three.
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