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Alex Hall

The new boy looked exhausted, stuttering and wheezing his way through the sentence - he looked as though he had run a mile to get there, "Oh.....Uuuuum, W...w....w....well, c....c...c....card key says that this is my room too."

Alex frowned at the revelation, looking at his own key card he noticed a second name on the bottom, Partner: Cody Rhodes.

‘’I guess m...m....maybe we’re room-mates?!’’ Cody said quite enthusiastically, stepping forward and holding out a hand in greeting - sure enough his key-card had the same room number on. Seemed like they would be stuck together. Alex reached out to shake Cody's hand, however just as he went to do so the boy fell, collapsing to the floor and dragging his suitcase down with him.

Are there any normal people here? Alex thought, rolling his eyes.

"That's your bed there," he said, gesturing at the mostly-empty bed, which he quickly cleared of left over poker chips - looked like Medicham hadn't being playing fairly after all. "Oh and I'm Alex," he said, trying to feign a smile after losing half of the big room, "I'll go change," he added, grabbing some clothes from the wardrobe and heading back into the bathroom.

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