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    Cody Rhodes
    A Stuttering Start (2)

    Cody remained face down on the floor for a good ten seconds before bothering to move a muscle. Ten minutes on the island and he had scared the heck out of a lovely young lady on reception, and made a massive fool of himself in front of his new roommate. Eventually, he dragged himself to his feet, refusing to let his eyes meet his roommates.

    ‘’That’s your bed there’’

    The young man said in a slightly sympathetic sounding tone as he gestured towards the tidier of the two beds, brushing aside the poker chips and cards.

    ‘’Oh, and I’m Alex’’

    Out of the corner of his eye, Cody noticed a slight smile from him, but still couldn’t bring himself to look straight at him after the embarrassment he had just suffered, his head instead looking down at his feet, while he felt his cheeks turn bright red.

    ‘’I’ll go change’’

    Alex grabbed some clothes and briskly made his way into the bathroom closing the door behind him.

    Cody not felt guilty on top of embarrassed, clearly Alex wasn’t expecting a roommate, and he felt a Butterfree in his stomach of panic

    I’ve already taken half his room and shown I can’t walk across a room without making a Jynx of myself....what else am I gonna do to ruin this?! I wonder if he thinks I’m a fool?

    Cody looked up at last and turned back to his suitcase

    Of course he does...

    Hoping to get any potentially embarrassing moments out of the way before Alex returned, Cody grabbed the suitcase back up off of the floor and dragged it over to his bed, swinging it up and on top of the sheets. Slightly loosening his tie which was suddenly feeling tight around his throat, he then retrieved three Pokeballs from his bet which he threw onto the bed. No sooner had they fit the bed, one of the Pokeballs burst open in a pool of red light and settled on top of the bed, forming the figure of an orange mouse Pokemon

    ‘’Rai Rai!’’

    ‘’Oh....H..h....hey Raichu...’’

    The Raichu beamed at his trainer and immediately surveyed the surface on which he was standing. Clearly the mattress was quite springy as the Raichu began jumping up and down on the bed, soaring quite high into the air before gravity brought it back down. A huge smile on its face, it kept its eyes on its trainer who smiled back

    ‘’Oh Raichu, I wish I had your enthusiasm.....or confidence for that matter’’

    The Raichu beamed further and used a bounce to jump on top of Cody’s head, and then down onto the floor where it proceeded to began dashing around the room at great speed. Cody’s Raichu was truly one of the fastest Pokemon he had seen in his time as a trainer, having been out sped by no opponent in his life, but the speed this time was not being used to battle, it was being used to be as nosy as possible. The Raichu suddenly noticed the adjacent bed and leapt on top of it, straight ontop a pile of clothes.

    ‘’Raichu! Stop it, that i....i....isn’t our s...s...s...s..stuff!’’

    The Raichu came to a halt, noticing three Pokeballs on the bed which he began to approach without hesitation


    Cody exclaimed, quickly darting over to his electric Pokemon and scooping it up in his arms

    ‘’You really are t...t....too nosy for your own good!’’

    ‘’Rai Raichu!’’

    The electric mouse clenched it’s eyes shut and gave a pet lip, like a child being told off.


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