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    I had an idea for my plot as well but I'm having a hardtime putting it down. Basically, I'm trying to base of on an moment in Heartgold/Soulsilver to where the female Team Rocket grunt was telling you, the player, that she thinks Proton is this and that and how she thinks he's cool and that he's all she needs. Well, I am trying to make it to that that when he sees that Team Rocket has come back in the Unova reigon (well the team was recreated by that same girl with her friend and they have renounced their criminal ways and wanted Team Rocket to be a detective agency) and sees that same girl (because yes he remembers her), he wants to meet her.

    So he meets her and the Team and start talking etc and in the end they get together. Problem is that when I put them in a relationship, there's something I'm not doing right and it's to do with Proton. Can this plot *still* be doable?

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