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    Hey, it's me again ^.^. I'd like to request my own personal signature for my rom hack. So I would like a signature of the following:

    1.Size of Signature: 390x170 or a bigger size if needed
    2.Background colors or background image: A grassy field with Arceus in the sky as the background image. If it can't be a grassy field, you can make it whatever you desire. But I would like Arceus in the background
    3.Text: DarkRisingGirl-Creator Of Pokemon Dark Rising
    4.Font & Color of Font: Any that you see fits the image perfectly.
    5. Additional Touches: If possible & enough space on the picture, I'd like for Dratini/Bagon/Gible to be standing next to each other in a battle pose. I would like for Arceus to be in the far away background of them in the sky.
    5.Boarder: Pointy

    Sorry if this sounds like alot. I really appriciate it. Please, do your best. I know it'll come out amazing no matter what. ^.^