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    Alright...Yin Black/Yang White has YET another fact, it's its last update...The game is officially completed; as far as I'm concerned...New DLing link is available on OP.

    Originally Posted by Mochorro View Post
    I finally beat Cress! I'll put the battle in a Spoiler for those who will play the game in a future and don't want to know anything about the Pokémon the leader has...

    Eevee was again the hardest. Finneon's Charm and Hypnosis helped me a lot, and I finally beat him with Tepig (who is Pignite now). I beat Mantyke with Finneon and Frillish (the 2 Pokémon that I am not actually training...), because his only way of harming them both was with Confuse Ray (he used BubbleBeam and Soak a lot, but Storm Drain and Water Absorb negated them; maybe you could consider giving it Air Cutter or something like that?, or he does already have it and he just doesn't use it?) and Panpour and Shellder were OHKOed with Roselia's Mega Drain. Luckily Panpour used Work Up, and not Acrobatics against Roselia...

    Now I am in Route 3, I have just beaten Cheren. My problem now is that my Horsea and my Pidove are a beat weaker than Roselia and Pignite, 2 or 3 levels below, so I guess I will have to grind to have them at the same level.
    Hmmm, it seems that Eevee is the Pokemon that give most peoples a be honest...I never really had much trouble beating this gym leader. LOL Charm and Tickle is always the best solution for dealing with his Eevee...

    As for his other Pokemon, you're right...they are kinda...wimpy, aren't they? LOL Shellder doesn't have Sp.Def, so it's easy to deal with and Panpour offsensive stats aren't all that...It's easily overpowered, but you were lucky...It DID use Acrobatics on me, but that was before it consumed its Berry

    ...Yeah, it has Acrobatics and carries a berry...Big whoop, wanna fight about it? LOL

    ...But seriously, tho, I can't have the 1st gym leader super can also use Work Up, so that also can make it even more deadly.

    And yeah, on this Pokemon usually are weaker than their evolve stages and so on for the next stage. That's how I did the stats when I making changes and stuff...

    Originally Posted by Mochorro View Post
    Hey, I have found a bug, a very tiny bug, and my situation with it was somewhat funny!

    I was training a Raichu I have got, in the Dreamyard. There Munna appears. It used Magic Coat, and I used Flash, an then Munna bounced Flash back. That is the bug, because, as Flash is now a damaging move, it shouldn't be bounced with Magic Coat. I told you it was funny because, as Flash is an Electric-type move in this great hack, when bouncing it, it activated my Raichu's Lightningrod ability, boosting my Special Attack!
    Hmmm...I hadn't realized that Flash was still affected by Magic Coat. I guess the game doesn't read it a damaging move, huh? LOL It was funny, tho...Yep, funny but awkward. :l

    Originally Posted by Shadow97 View Post
    Check this out its my battle with burgh the gym leader
    You've made a vid...of my game. Hell yeah, I'll watch it...Tho, seems kinda random just to start off at Burgh. :p JK
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