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Definitely the Mother/Earthbound series. No matter how many people you hear raving about the series, Earthbound still didn't sell well in it's North American release, which is a crying shame. It was advertised really heavily too. Maybe that hurt it? idek. At least with emulators we have the ability to play Mother as well as the fan translated Mother 3, but...idk there's just nothing that compares to playing it on the console it was intended for, imo.

Also, a very good RPG movie based game is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for GBA. I actually 100%'d the game when I was 12 and it's tons of fun and has some great music. I haven't touched it in years, and maybe I should haha. It's much better than its GCN counterpart though. They're completely different and the GBA is far superior. It's a nice little gem, if you ever happen to run across a copy and you're a fan or HP or RPGs, or even both, you should pick it up.

And ummmm Viva Pinata. It probably looks childish to most people, but it's lots of fun and it's a nice and relaxing game to play. And if you want it to be violent, just make your pinatas eat your other pinatas, let them fight with each other, beat them with your shovel, or don't call the doctor when they get sick! And you can make the worms get busy like crazy, so there's your sexual thrill. lololol

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