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    Victoria attempted to process what was going on. “Kelsey?” She whispered under her breath. She watched the girl walk away from her and speak with a young man, who’s existence Victoria was unaware of until that moment. She immediately felt her cheeks flush bright red, the embarrassment almost unbearable. ‘What a great first impression moron.’ She thought to herself.

    From a fair distance, Victoria saw the shape of Kelsey take a seat on the sand isolating herself. Victoria didn’t know what to do. She had feared for her life, yet the girl had sounded just as afraid as she did. Victoria slowly approached the young woman, wringing her hands in anxiety. The trip more arduous than she would have hoped for. Her immediate vision finally clearing, with her peripheral still lingering in blindness.

    Victoria finally came next to where Kelsey had seated herself, and noticed the tears forming in her eyes. She sat down next to her, pulled her legs close to her chest and rested her chin on her knees. “Uhm, Kelsey?” she probed in a puzzled manner. “I’ sorry.” She added, tears forming in her own eyes. “I, I, can’t see that well. I guess I damaged my vision somehow. I saw you emerge from the forest and panicked, I wasn’t sure what you were and I still don’t know where I am.” She continued, tapping rhythmically on her leg.

    Archie came and jumped on her head, curling up at the top once he got comfortable. Victoria quickly remembered her other Pokemon were still in their Pokeballs and immediately retrieved them to explain the situation. Bubba and Pixie curled up around her, their own expression of affection and reassurance. They all seemed to understand what was going on, and even dealt with it better than she had. “I wish I had your strength.” She said to her Pokemon affectionately.

    “Kelsey? Do I dare to hope that there is a tropical resort somewhere around here? Maybe hiding just around the corner?” Victoria asked her trying to lighten the mood.
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