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    Chapter 11 – Hibernation

    In orbit of Fortune – In Argonaut Frigate "Mother of God" - Thursday, March 15th, 3535. 1034 Hours.

    The chrome blue and silver hallways were silent. The team didn't speak to each other. Ditto was looking through a glass window into the medical bay, which was housing Frosty. While Poliwrath and Mazda were talking in hushed voices about something. On the benches, Sudowoodo and Pinsir were playing cards. And in the medical room, Frosty was in a chamber surrounded and covered with ice and snow. His body had been severely damage in the battle. Almost none of the damage could be seen under the bandages that seemed to cover him from head to toe. But they knew it was there. Most of them couldn't get the image of Frosty out of their head. He was torn apart, limbs at impossible angles, his blood pouring from every inch of him. It was a miracle he was still alive.

    Blissey was at the system computers, shaking her head in disappointment. She briefly looked at Ditto through the glass window, and seeing the need for some news in his eyes, stood up from the computer and began walking towards the exit. She exited the room and coughed, both to clear her throat and to get everyone's attention. The team stopped their various activities and gathered in a half circle around Blissey

    "What's the status of Frosty?" asked Poliwrath. Taking a deep breath and crossing his arms.

    "It's a miracle he's lived so far. The broken bones, extensive inner and outer tissue damage, the blood loss. He should, by all reasons, be dead. And he may still go that way, seeing as my healing eggs are not having any affect," she toughly explained looking down at the floor shaking her head.

    "Damn…" hissed Mazda, also crossing his arms.

    Ditto returned to the window and continued to look at Frosty.

    "The damage to his body is just part of it, adding more problems; he also suffered from heat stroke, which was caused by the fever from the damage to his body. And, with highest temperature at its peak, a normal ice type Pokémon would have never survived. But, due to the augmentations, his system prevented that from happening but instead it gave him a heart attack which led to: heart failure, his brain shutting down, and then full system shut down. Sir, he's in a deep coma. And we have no idea when, or if, he's ever going to wake up," continued Blissey, looking solely at Poliwrath.

    The team dispersed, but not too far, they just needed some space to collect their thoughts on what Blissey had just said.

    "What do you recommend I do, Blissey?" asked Poliwrath, looking like he already knew what she was going to say.

    "If I were you, I would pull the plug on him," she said, giving her quick and straight forward answer.

    Ditto made a sound that was a strange cross between a whimper and a growl. He was clearly pissed off and upset by what Blissey had said. "You're a soulless b*tch. You know that?" he spat at her, squeezing his fist tight, but trying hard not to unleash his anger on her.

    "What are we supposed to do then?" she yelled, glaring at Ditto, "let him suffer in there? Knowing, that if he ever wakes up. He'll be practically brain-dead. Another loose end of the Argonauts."

    "It's not the Argo way…" Sudowoodo whispered, continuing to play cards with Pinsir, who was being uncharacteristically quiet.

    "What is the Argo way? Watching our friend fight a pointless battle? What good is a brain-dead polar bear, Commander? Sorry sir, but that's just my opinion. I don't tolerate friends suffering a pointless war."

    "That's not what he would want…" quietly said Sudowoodo.

    "He wants to stay alive in his tomb? Sudowoodo, that's outrageous!" she yelled in a vigorous tone, walking away from the team. "I need to calm down. Hail me on the coms if you make the decision to pull the plug," she walked through a set of sliding doors, disappearing deeper into the ship.

    Poliwrath and Mazda then joined Ditto at the window. A silence settled over the three of them. Until Ditto broke it.

    "Sir…if you decide to pull the plug... I shall do it. I was the one that nearly got him killed. I think the one to finish him off should be me," whispered Ditto, his voice full of regret.

    Poliwrath stared hard at Ditto, "No, I will not allow you to. Nor will I be the judge for Frosty's life." His words relieved Ditto, but the regret still stuck to him.

    "If I may ask sir? What brought you to that decision?" asked Mazda.

    "Simple, I don't want this team to fall apart. Especially at this time; when the galaxy needs us most. And plus…I don't think I could find the heart to tell Mawile that I decided to callously murder her husband. She's still out there, alone. Imagine how devastated she would be if she was told that she'd lost the only person she's close to. She would be alone again"

    "Doesn't Mawile have two kids?" asked Mazda. leaning against the wall.

    "Wait, who's the father? Please don't tell me it's Frosty! Because that will probably make me commit suicide," whined Ditto, looking grossed out.

    "She had the kids before Frosty, and even before Garchomp. And even though she has kids back home. She'll still be alone in this war. No one to go to when she's down. Or when she really wants to talks to somebody. It would drive her crazy. And she might do harm to herself. Punishing herself, or worse, suicide.

    "Is she lesbian?" asked Pinsir, from where he was still playing cards with Sudowoodo.

    "What?" yelled Ditto.

    "I think he meant does she have any girlfriends," corrected Mazda.

    "Mawile? Girlfriend? That's a sick joke. Right?" responded Ditto.

    "It's true. She's more of a tomboy," added Sudowoodo.

    "Now, think about what would happen if Mawile did take her own life away. Garchomp would be affected. And we all know he still has some strong feelings for her. Who knows what he might do. He might fall into deep depression or worse, anger. Unleashing Garu."

    Poliwrath's words finally struck the rest of them. Their facial expressions were shocked and disturbed.

    "Exactly. So it's not my call. It's up to Mawile," Poliwrath chuckled, but quickly went back to his strict leader personality.

    "But what happens if she's dead as well?" asked Mazda, finally voicing his biggest concern.

    "Did you forget, Skully? Ninja is one tough cookie to eat," laughed Pinsir. He found Mazda's stupidity amusing.

    "Well, anyways. Listen up Team," yelled Poliwrath, changing the subject and signaling the team to gather around. "In just an hour from now, Axis forces are preparing to use a meteor launching ship on Fortune. I'm sending you all on an escort operation for the demolition team."

    Ditto narrowed his eyes as Poliwrath finished describing the mission. Adjusting the armor and shield strapped to his back, "Here we go with the retarded missions…" huffed Ditto, a pissed off smirk on his face.

    "What was that you said?" demanded Poliwrath, glaring at Ditto.

    "I said, why are you sending us on missions that other teams can do? We should be on the frontline. Trying to take this Planet back," he snapped back, stretching his body for the incoming battle.

    "For your information Ditto," growled Mazda, "the rest of our team is currently on the ground doing just that. Poliwrath needs us to take care of a loose end. Something that could possibly destroy all of our efforts up to this point."

    Poliwrath cleared his throat, dragging the attention back to him and the rest of the briefing, "You'll be escorting another Argo Team. Leggos Team. They'll be here in a few seconds."

    As soon he finished, the sliding door behind Poliwrath opened. And Leggos team entered. Major Politoed was in front. He was wearing: thin leather armor, and had a tall mace strapped to his back. Behind him were: Warrant Officers Sunflora, and Ursaring. They were both wearing thin steel, chain mail armor, and basic swords strapped to their waist. And Warrant Officer Electrode rolled up beside them.

    "Brother…" Major Politoed quietly said. Nodding towards Poliwrath.

    Sudowoodo, Pinsir, and Ditto were in total shock. Their eyes wide opened and jaws dropped. Double taking at the two leaders. They were totally thrown off their guard.

    "Alright, Loyal Team. Your only job is to protect us, giving us the necessary time to blow up that ship. The method on how you should protect us is up to you. Just be smart about it. You'll be juggling with our lives as well," Politoed said sharply, giving the Loyal Team another brief, briefing. Then his team advanced to the ship bay, followed by Poliwrath.

    "Wait... those two are related!" gasped Ditto, in total confusion.

    "I think the green one is adopted. Or albino!" added Pinsir.

    "Don't you mean shiny?" replied Sudowoodo, whacking Pinsir on the back of his head.

    "Stop making up words!" Pinsir shouted back, rubbing the now sore spot on his head.

    "No they're from the same mothers. It's just that Politoed chose a different evolution approach," sighed Mazda, corrected the three.

    The team began to walk out of the hallway, leaving Frosty alone. They headed towards the ship bay as well.

    "What's our method?" asked Ditto. As they walked down the hall, he put on his steel helmet and adjusted his armor even more.

    "Pinsir, you'll be handling the star fighter escorts. Kill off the enemy fighters until the job is done. Sudowoodo, you'll take care of the landing bay. Protect our drop ships from any enemy infantry. Ditto, you're with me assisting Leggos," Mazda explained, also adjusting his steel and bone armor. As they reached the door at the end of the hall, Mazda pushed his way through it.

    It led to the fairly massive ship bay. The bay was busy with star fighters jetting out into space. In the center platform were multiple drop ships. Where the others were waiting.

    Pinsir left the group before reaching the center platform, and walked towards his star fighter. It looked like an F-16 fighter jet, but it had some strange doodles on it, like bubbles, stick people, chicken wings, cake.

    As he was preparing for launch, he took off his dog tags and handed it to a technician assistant who was helping him get ready. A precaution just in case he was killed in space, they are then able to identify and record proof of death. He then cluelessly pressed a few buttons, one of them being a red button that clearly said "Touch if you must". An electric, women like, voice erupted from the stereo in warning.

    "Warning, you have activated the self-destruct initiate. Your aircraft will self-destruct in ten… nine… eight… seven... six... five..."

    "Oh God! Oh God! No!" Pinsir yelled, desperately pressing buttons, before finally punching the dashboard.

    "Self-destruct sequence aborted… If you punch me one more time... I will blow you up anyway," she stated.

    "You know what? Mean lady in the plane. You're lucky you're sexy when you're mad. Rawr," he growled. Trying to seduce something that doesn't even have feelings, or a genetic heart.

    The rest of team began boarding their drop ship, while Poliwrath didn't make any attempt to enter. He stood at the end of the ramp as the team prepared to settle into the drop ship.

    "Good luck, Loyals," putting his hand in the air as he exited the bay.

    Three alarms echoed throughout the bay and the five drops ships. Two were carrying the team, while the others were being sent out as distraction ships. All the ships launch out of the carrier ship and joined up with the friendly fighters and frigates.

    30 minutes later…

    The attack force was a few miles from their objectives when enemy cannons began to fire. Enemy star fighters traveled towards the friendly fighters and began shooting at them. The drop ships blasted through the battle. Maneuvering at crucial turns and twists. In the one of the ships Loyal teams braces themselves. Sudowoodo was seconds from crapping himself, stiffening his entire rock hard body every time a violent shake rocked the ship. Mazda was calm, not really worrying about anything. And Ditto was getting annoyed by the battling going on out in space.

    "Relax, Sudo. We're not going to die…," Mazda sighed, standing up and getting ready for a fight.

    "Easy for you to say… if we get hit by one boulder, and it rips a hole in the haul, we'll get sucked out into vacuum of space. Dark, cold space. Your head will explode, your body freezes in seconds. And bam! You're dead," he shouted back, also getting ready to fight.

    As the team prepared to jump out. A red light appeared and the audio system erupted.

    "Ten seconds."

    "Loyals, you know your objectives. Let's get home alive…," said Madza.

    The red light turned green: the ship came to an almost complete stop at once, jarring all the occupants. The doors opened and the team jumped out weapons drawn. They were in a huge Axis ship. Loyal spotted Leggos Team, already engaged with hostile troops and making their way to the engine room.

    Mazda threw his bone at multiple grunts from behind, smashing their heads open. Then began to fight his way to the other team. So did Ditto. While Sudowoodo remained with the ship, sloppily and mostly by accident, he managed to somehow effectively kill the incoming grunts.

    "Remember what I taught you. Close your eyes and swing," exclaimed Babey, giving him words of encouragement.

    "But it's dark! And I'm afraid of the dark," he growled, opening his eyes and savagely swinging his rock hard melon hammer.

    "You're afraid of everything!" she yelled back.

    "No I'm not!"

    "Alright, tell me one thing you're not afraid of..."

    "…midgets…" Sudowoodo mumbled.

    "You're full of sh*t. You're afraid of them as well. Just admit it," demanded Babey.

    "Okay! I am afraid of midgets…how can a human be so short and be the same age of a fully grown human at the same time. Its witchcraft I say!"

    "Sudowoodo, witches don't exist. It was Blissey making health potions."

    "Yeah, so…"

    "So? So? After you called her an ugly witch or…was it b*tch…well either way you received a fist to the face," exclaimed Babey

    "So..." muttered Sudowoodo, smashing several grunts heads.

    "You got punched so hard, it affected your brain. You thought Blissey pulled off some witchcrafty stuff and thought she punched you without having physical contact. And in return you splashed water at her face, thinking she'll melt and dissolve. Which she didn't. And then she gave you two fists to the face. And that knocked the f*ck out of you," she explained.

    Leggo Team's Sunflora was near the two, fighting a few feet away, and overheard their argument. She interrupted the two while she was taking on hordes of grunts.

    "Hey, can you two maybe stop yacking and get killing!" she yelled.

    "f*ck you!" yelled back the two. Teaming up on the outsider Argo.

    "Can't you see we're doing both here?" snapped Babey. Lashing out in an irritated tone.

    "Sorry…" Sunflora mumbled back.

    "You're not sorry, take that back!" Babey yelled again.

    "You two are mean. And that AI of yours is such a b*tch!" Sunflora finally yelled back. Momentarily finding some fighting spirit.

    Sudowoodo was enraged by what Sunflora said and quickly spotted a grunt charging towards him. He smashed the grunt's face in with his shield, launching him into the air and threw the grunt at Sunflora, who easily blocked the incoming grunt with her shield. Putting her hands and arms in the air,a "WTF" expression on her face. "Hey! She's my b*tch!" Sudowoodo lashed out, pointing at himself.

    "Okay! Sorry!" Sunflora yelled back, walking away from two and continuing to fight grunts.

    "P*ssy…" mumbled Babey.

    Back in space

    Pinsir was in the midst of a space battle. His plane was on autopilot mode, and was quickly spinning out of control. Evading star fighters, arrows, and boulders with ease. He was beginning to feel sick to his stomach. Not able to take the nausea and the G gravity that's he was being abused by.

    "Mean lady in the plane..." moaned Pinsir, trying to keep his insides from making a appearance, "Please tell me why I'm doing barrel rolls. The breakfast that I ate this morning wants to come out."

    "Statistics say that your survival rate is 0.02 percent without my guidance," the women electronic voice explained.

    "…is that a good thing?" groaned Pinsir.

    "Negative. If hit in a critical location of your plane, your plane will: explode, and then disintegrate into shrapnel. You will be sucked into space. And die instantly. Statistics of you getting hit by other star fighters while you're dead is also high," the monotone voice of the plane explained more. Making Pinsir want to wet himself. He then felt the creeping sensation of barf coming up, and reached for the barf bag.

    "Right…I only heard blah blah blah blah blah. Because of the swirling I am doing," he hissed at the plane-robot-women-thing.

    "What was that? You would like me to initiate the self-destruct protocol?" she asked, purposely mistaking his words.

    "What! I can't hear you! Stop talking in retarded!" Pinsir shouted, continued to ignore. Not believing in the plane's threat.

    "Starting countdown. Ten… nine… eight... seven... six... five... four... three…" it suddenly stopped the countdown and changed its tone of voice, "Aborting countdown. Engaging hostile fighter."

    "No, you're not! It's my cookie to eat!" yelled Pinsir. Pushing buttons, trying to stop the plane from killing anybody. He punched his system again, turning the auto pilot off. Pinsir quickly aligned himself behind four enemy star fighters. Pinsir grins an evil sort of crazy grin and pulls his trigger, unleashing arrows and shooting them all down with ease. "My cookies!" Pinsir laughed, and began tailgating numerous enemy star fighters, shooting them down one by one.

    In the corner of his eye, he spotted eight to ten enemy star fighters chasing him. Then heard and watched arrows fly past his plane, he barely maneuvered to avoid being hit.

    "Alright, mean lady. Please come out help me. Please" sweetly talk to his system, but failed to hear a response.

    Then he heard the fighters behind him explode, and turned back to watch. Then spotted Leggo Team's Ursaring swooping down, shooting them all down quickly, and then flies besides Pinsir plane, giving him a salute gesture.

    "Hey Loyal. Stop being lazy," laughed Ursaring.

    "Right…I can't do both…" Pinsir huffed, not looking impressed on Ursaring's performance.


    "Stop and lazy. It's impossible when they're either in the same word, or sentence, or paragraph…or in the same line!"

    The two then led hundreds of friendly star fighters and attacked a nearby Axis frigate.

    Back in the ship

    The remaining Loyal and Leggo team members were running through what looked like an armament room, it was huge, full of building size boulders, which were used to meteor planets.

    "Where's the warp drive center?" asked Mazda.

    "Close, next room I think," replied Politoed, leading the group to their objective.

    While running Politoed's sense went off like a bell, and he quickly whipped out his sword, swinging it around to snap two arrows. The rest of the group halted at the sounds of battle and took out their own weapons. The corridor they were running in was dark. Boulders towered over the group on both sides. And the sound of a man whistling echoed throughout the area.

    "Hello, Argos," purred a man. Who walked out of dark on the opposite way of the corridor. It was Apollo, the ex-Defender turned Axis bounty hunter.

    "Me and Ditto got this. Mazda, get the ball to the hoop," Politoed muttered quietly enough for only his team to hear. He and Ditto slowly approached the Apollo, weapons drawn.

    "You heard the toad. Go!" shouted Mazda, kicking Electrode in the direction of the object, sending him rocketing down the corridor. He gave Politoed one last look before followed suit, running as fast as he could.

    Ditto and Politoed stopped their forward progression as soon as the rest of the team was long out of sight and stared at the emotionless expression on Apollo's face. "I'm going to slit your throat, rip your head off, and then kick it around like a soccer ball," growled Ditto, glaring at Apollo and getting ready to attack.

    "Dude, that's f*cked up," mumbled Politoed.

    "Let's just kill this dude," growled Ditto, not in the mood for word sparing.

    The two nodded at each other and began their attack.

    Ditto was the first to strike, and swung his two-handed sword at Apollo. But Apollo quickly dodged each strike, pulling them back with every swing. Apollo then leaped back away from Ditto, drawing his bow and two arrows off his back. He then fired them towards Ditto. But Ditto reacted quickly to the sound of a bow being fired, and turned his back toward Apollo, making the rectangle shield on his back take the hit. Then he quickly turned around to swing at Apollo. But he had disappeared. And Ditto ended up embedding his sword in one of the hard boulder. And he struggled to get it back out.

    Apollo reappeared on Ditto's side, and jumped into the air for a final blow. But a jet of water from Politoed's hydro pump launched him down the corridor. Ditto gave up on getting his sword out of the boulder and transformed into Hariyama. He ran down the corridor to attack Apollo. Throwing punches, pushes and kicks. But Apollo avoided them all without effort. Moving swiftly and on point with the incoming attacks.

    "Stop moving you dirt bag," growled Ditto, driving in two fists.

    "Sure," he replied. Catching Ditto's fists with ease.

    "Now, fly away," he smirked, and punched Ditto straight in his face.

    Ditto flew down the corridor, skipping on the floor like a rock. Politoed spotted Apollo running away and quickly jumped to the side to avoid Ditto. He then proceeded to give chase to Apollo. Ignoring Ditto.

    Ditto recovered from the hit and turned back into a human. He stood up and walked over to his sword. He ripped it out of the boulder, taking all his anger and turning it into strength. He then gave chase as well.

    In Space…

    Pinsir and Ursaring continued to engage enemy fighters, shooting them down with ease. That's until the Ursaring's systems went off. Signalling something was approaching the vicinity.

    "Loyal, I'm reading a very large sig coming in!" he yelled, looking around for any warping ships.

    "Where?" asked Pinsir.

    "Above us."

    "Heaven?" questioned Pinsir, sounding in awe.

    "No dumb*ss! How are you alive in an aircraft with your intellect? Just how low is your IQ?" Ursaring asked, not believing that Pinsir could have passed any kind of intelligence test.

    Pinsir paused, "You ask too many questions…" he finally mumbled, before spitting out, "200..."

    "200!" exclaimed Ursaring, "That's impossible! I was thinking something lower, like... I don't know… a two."

    "Nope. I scored a 200. Then again. I cheated on half of the questions… Okay, all the questions. But I still feel I deserve that puffin cake though," Pinsir slowly said, like he was thinking about what to say.


    "Yeah, I get that a lot," laughed Pinsir.

    Suddenly a giant vibration shook the two plane's. An Axis ship warped in beside the meteor ship. It was colossal in size; the length of Johto Region and the height of Mount Coronet. It had multiple giant engines. It was so big, allied and friendly star fighters were thrown in every directions, it had its own orbit of some sort.

    "That thing has a fat *ss!" yelled Pinsir, looking at the engine of the ship in total awe.

    "Loyal, stop being a jealous little b*tch and attack it!" Ursaring ordered, leading a group of fighters for an attack on the axis battleship.

    "Oh, I'mma spank that fat *ass!" Pinsir followed suit a few miles behind.

    "Not that type of attack!" groaned Ursaring.

    As the first wave of allied fighters attacked. Thousands of enemy star fighters rocketed out of the multiple hangers the massive ship had. Outnumbering the first wave by quite a lot. Pinsir ordered a pull back to the ships for a regroup. But Ursaring ignored the order and led a few fighters to an assault on the bridge.

    "You're not going to make it," cried Pinsir, watching Ursaring flying in blind

    "Coming from the person whose IQ is under two. I know can make it through this attack. Bomber squads, attack!" he yelled, avoiding the bombers and flying towards the bridge. Just as he was in range to shoot. Hundreds of turrets activated and aimed at Ursaring and his star fighters and opened fire.

    "Oh God! Noooo!..." he yelled covering his face. Multiple arrows struck Ursaring's jet, shredding it into large pieces before it finally exploding, killing Ursaring. His fighters found the same outcome.

    "I told you that you wouldn't make it. Oh well, have fun in heaven," he sighed. Flying over the Mother of God.

    "Umm, to the person who's in charge of the very large ship with the very large cannon, can you please have all guns slap that ship in the *ss?" asked Pinsir, speaking into allied coms.

    "Umm, are you asking me to disable the engines?" asked a ship crew member.

    "Less words, more action!"

    "I'm going to pretend like that made sense. Firing all weapons!"

    All allied ships fired all the cannons on the giant ship. But it didn't do much. The shields on it were too strong. It simply destroyed the attacks.

    Mazda on the other hand…

    "Hey, Skully…" said Pinsir,

    "What do you want Pinsir?" demanded Mazda, continuing to run down the hallway, following the rolling Electrode.

    "Is your chore almost done?"

    "We just started. Why? What did you do this time?" grumbled Mazda.


    "Pinsir, I'll put Roger in harms way," Mazda threatened, fighting the urge to roll his eyes at his own stupid comment.

    "Okay, so you know that bear who I was supposed to help…Well he's dead. The ship with the fat *ss blew him up. Literally, he went to heaven. He's probably there now."

    "The ship I'm in?" questioned Mazda, ignoring the bit of crazy at the end.

    "No the other ship. You know the ship that went Garchomp mode and went obesity. Fat, round, and got its own orbit."

    Mazda stopped and looked out the nearest window. What he saw was the ship blotting out space, "That's a big ship..."

    He began casually walking down the hallway, "Major, we got a problem."

    "A second ship warped in right beside this one," answered Politoed.

    "How the f*ck did you know that?" he briefly stopped in shock.

    "I'm Politoed, I know everything," was his simple explanation.

    "You know everything? I'm thinking of a number between one and…" began Ditto.

    "Two," Politoed quickly interrupted.

    "F*ck!" exclaimed Ditto.

    "I'm thinking of a number between one and…" spoke Pinsir.

    "Number," growled Politoed.

    "…Oh my God! He's a witch!" cried Pinsir.

    "I said it before, they exist," added Sudowoodo.

    "Stone him!" yelled Ditto.

    "Everyone shut up and listen," interrupted Mazda. Trying to end the subject.

    "You shut up, Mazda!" the three yelled back. Then the line went cold and a quiet static was heard.

    "Loyal members, respond... Guys?... Come on talk to me here…"

    "You know they kicked you out of the coms channel, right?" chuckled Politoed.

    "Shut up, witch…" snapped Mazda, feeling like he had just lost some sort of argument.

    "It's warlock for your information," corrected Politoed.

    "Yeah, whatever. Anyways, what's your plan?"

    "My plan? You mean your plan. I'm busy trying to kill this guy."

    "Wait, are you giving me command of this operation?"

    "Yea, basically."

    "Alright then, all teams should leave this ship in ten."

    "Wait, was that Mazda? How the hell did you get back into our channel?" shouted Ditto.

    "Toxicroak taught me a few things about hacking into private channels," replied Mazda, shrugging his shoulders, "Anyway, the bomb we have doesn't have enough blast radious to blow the other ship up."

    "What is he talking about?" asked Politoed.

    "He's improvising," answered Ditto, sounding very irritated.

    "I hate it when Mazda improvises…" huffed Sudowoodo.

    "Clear the ship. Now. Mazda out," he ordered, ending the conversation and double timed it to his objective.

    Soon after, Mazda entered a gigantic, neon blue room. There was a machine placed in the middle illuminating the room in blue and green light. With a giant tube attached to the ceiling of the room. It looked important.

    "What is this place? And what is that?" gulped Electrode, staring at the machine.

    "Their slip space drive," confidently replied Mazda, approaching it and inspecting it.

    "You're going to blow theirs up," Electrode finally realized his plans and looked around for an exit out.

    "A few years ago, engineers accidentally misused and mounted it improperly after its service haul out. On an Earth Frigate," Mazda explained.


    "When they fired it, it teleported the entire ship into oblivion. Six hundred lives lost in matter of seconds. Only a nuke can possibly destroy that super carrier in minutes. So I'm just improvising this into a slip space bomb. I'm going to overload the system and create a slip space rapture that will consume this ship and hopefully a good chunk of the other," he continued.

    "Now I see why everyone hates it when you improvise."

    "You done trolling?"

    At the same time…

    Sudowoodo and Sunflora had finished off the remaining grunts and were taking a breather, resting from their work.

    "All the bad guys are dead," huffed Sudowoodo, lying down on the ramp of the drop ship, and stared at the silver and grey ceiling.

    As he said that, the main door opened and Apollo ran out, rotating to quickly look at his surroundings. Alerting the resting Argos, who jumped up to block his way forward. And the two Argos who had been chasing him blocked the path back.

    Apollo didn't look impressed. He was relaxed, calm, and was ready to walk out on the four. He took one step towards one of the drop ships.

    "Hold it right there, Axis scum. Surrender now, or you will be killed," Sunflora yelled, pointing her sword at the bounty hunter.

    "Oh no, she said the line!" both Ditto and Sudowoodo cried. They both started their attack on him.

    Before the two were even able to lay a finger on him, Apollo jumped into the air. And made mid-air splits. Which the two foolishly ran into, knocking them both to the ground. Apollo was about to finish them both off when Sunflora swung her sword at his head. The two exchanged steel. Politoed joining the skirmish.

    Apollo quickly gave Sunflora a high kick to her face, temporarily stunning the Argo, and yelled, "FUS RO DAH!" directly at her, with his mouth at its widest. A massive amount of force and push blasted Sunflora into a group of boxes. Apollo then quickly rotated and kicked Politoed in the chest, pushing him back on his heels. Apollo then drew back his arms and hands, standing in a sumo stance. With his hands semi folded together, a blue light formed and he quickly directed them at Politoed.

    "HADOUKEN!" he roared. And a beam of blue light blasted out of Apollo's hands and blasted Politoed into a parked plane, smashing him right through it.

    The Argos were down, and Apollo continued to walk towards the drop ships. Ditto was able to get up and attempted to slash Apollo down, but he smoothly evaded the attack. He then took out a long chain that had a kunai like blade at one end. And started whipping it at Ditto. Ditto blocked the hit with the shield on his back. Until Apollo spun the chain above his head the threw it towards Ditto's neck and pulled him in only to kick Ditto into the air.

    He began spinning his chain again and threw it at Ditto, who was inches from touching the ceiling. The chain spun around Ditto's neck and locked into place. "GET BACK OVER HERE!" Apollo yelled, pulling Ditto back towards him and giving him one final punch to the face.

    Soon after, Sudowoodo tried to attack from behind. Apollo retreated few feet away and stood stiff in front of his opponent. He then put his hands together and made weird hand gestures before stopping at a ninja like hand sign. "SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!" he yelled, and a puff of smoke erupted behind him. Then multiple clones of Apollo rushed at Sudowoodo

    "Okay, witches do exist!" yelled Babey.

    And the clones quickly subdued him. Punching and kicking the Argo out of consciousness.

    Sunflora and Politoed were somehow still alive, and were attempting to get back on their feet. And Politoed, foolishly, charged forward. But was cut off by two Apollo clones. Apollo was satisfied before he spotted Sunflora. Stumbling upon the boxes and debris. Apollo rubbed his hands together rotating them and creating what looked like an energy shaped disk, and stared at the unaware Argo. "DESTRECTO DISK!" he yelled, throwing the disk at Sunflora. It quickly traveled through the air and completely through Sunfloras neck. She dropped to her knees and her head rolled off her shoulder. The rest of her body fell to the floor as well.

    Then he glared at Politoed, "Almost done…" he growled, sticking his hand out at one the clones. The clone began swiping its hands over and around Apollo's hands, and a blue energy like balls formed in it. "RAAASSEEN…"

    But before Apollo was able to finish. Politoed defeated the shadow clones and attacked Apollo using water gun.

    Apollo quickly shifted away from the water beam and walked into another shadow clone. Apollo quickly made a fist with energy still in it and threw the fist. "FALCON!" he connected with Politoed's face, "PUUUUUNCH!" A force of wind energy and gravity erupted from the contact and blasted Politoed back into the wall.

    The skirmish was over. And Apollo went towards one of the drop ships. The one that the Argo teams had used to get in. He successfully hijacked it and launched out of the ship.

    Back with Mazda…

    Mazda was sitting in front of a very large, running, engine. Its various panels were open. He was playing with it. Going on with his plan.

    "If calculate it right... I can redirect the fusion proton cells with the electron futon cells. The chain reaction will overpower the main hard drive and the recognition system, creating a slip space rapture in… fifteen minutes… and done," he said to himself, getting up and preparing the timer for the bomb.

    "I have no idea what you just said and did. But okay!" laughed Electrode, rolling around the entrance, guarding it for Mazda.

    A few minutes later, the door slid open. Electrode felt a pain from behind and was launched into the timer and detonator. Mazda looked up from where he had been finishing with the preparations. Sandslash was standing in the doorway, smiling at him.

    "Hello, Mazda. Nice day we're having?" he giggled.

    "Well, it was nice. Until you showed up," said Mazda, spinning his bone.

    "Really? So sorry to rain on your parade."

    "I'll forgive you if you do just one thing for me."

    "Oh? What?" asked Sandslash, his eyes shining from excitement.

    "Die," was Mazda's short reply.

    "Make me," laughed Sandslash, turning to run for it.

    "Electrode, start the timer and get to the rides!" Mazda yelled, throwing his bone at Sandslash and making chase.

    "Start the timer?" Electrode asked, looking at the beyond repair detonation panel "...I don't have any hands! How am I supposed to detonate it?"

    But Mazda didn't hear him and went deeper down into the hallway, fighting with Sandslash.

    Electrode looked at the detonator, he had no hope of repairing it in the situation, and decided to roll towards the door way. Where he rolled up beside an edge of the door way and began rubbing his body against it to remove the dog tag that was tightly hooked around his round and smooth body. When he successfully got it off, he blew his dog tag onto Mazda's side of the hall way. Then he used thunder to destroy the doors controls, closing it.

    He then decided to body slam on the detonator, smashing it into pieces and revealing wires.

    "As a Leggo Team member. We're sworn to sacrifice our lives for the greater good." Said Electrode quietly.

    "What?" shouted Mazda, skidding to a stop.

    "The timer was damaged. I have to do this manually," he whispered.

    "That's a one way trip," Mazda said slowly stopping in front of the door, he spotted the dog tag and picked it up.

    "Eh, don't care anymore. Just get out of here!" he yelled, sounding like he was about to burst into tears despite what he had said. "I'm going to overload using electricity to make a surge from the detonator wires, and it will detonate…I'm blowing this place up in ten. Make sure you're all out by then."

    As Mazda was about to turn around, he realized that he had completely forgotten about Sandslash. And turned around braced for anything, but the hallway was empty. Relieved by not seeing Sandslash, he began running through the hallway.

    "Commando…" cried Electrode, trying to hold in his tears, but Mazda heard he was on the verge of them.

    "Any final words, Warrant Officer?" sighed Mazda taking a right and running for dear life.

    "If you do live through this pointless war. Can you promise me… you'll tell my family… that I love them very much… You know... I broke my promise to come home for my son's birthday… will you go for me?" he cried. Crying and letting his heart and soul out.

    There was dead silence except for Electrode sniffling in the background. Mazda's cold heart was about to sink into a life sucking abyss. Mazda slowed down upon entering the entrance to the hanger bay. His heart sank hearing the sound of those words, and Electrodes cries. He then took out his hand and looked at the dog tag, squeezing it.

    "I…I…" Mazda tried to explain.

    "Please sir… as a dead Pokémon's last wish…" pleaded Electrode.

    "I…I…It will be done…" Mazda quickly blurred out.

    "No Mazda, please say it!... Promise me you'll do it," Electrode sniffed, sounding like his soul was being drained.

    "I…I...promise…" Mazda finally stuttered.

    "Thank you, sir… I'll see you on the other side… Electrode out…" The line went dead.

    Mazda felt like a large burden had just fallen onto his shoulders, and now he felt like sh*t. He took a deep and a long sigh, then stepped forward. The door slid open, and what he saw was the completely wrecked docking bay. He spotted Sudowoodo and Ditto carrying the body of Sunflora onto the ship, while Politoed sat on a box, grieving over the death his fellow Argos. Staring at a dog tag.

    Mazda was upset that he had to tell Politoed that Electrode wasn't going to make it ether. His entire task force was dead. But he somehow found the guts, took a deep breath, and walked towards Politoed. Feeling more frightened as he got closer. But Politoed stuck out his hand. And Mazda excepted the offer, placing Electrode's dog tag in the palm of Politoed's hand.

    "All three of my comrades, Leggo teammates. Gone. Because of this stupid mission," he gave a sad chuckle, "You know… when our team leader, Commander Blaziken, briefed us on this mission. We sort of walked out of the room half way through. Because we thought our team was more important than this. The lives of my men were more important than this." He gushed out, holding in a lot of anger, sadness, and pain.

    Mazda sighed and went down on one knee and stared into the eyes of the Argo, "Where's the rest of your team? On Fortune?" he asked, and receiving a nod, continued, "Your teammates died for something then. A second chance for the rest of your team to fight for this Planet. And they died thinking they saved an entire Planet. You should be feeling lucky."

    Politoed scoffed, and looked into Mazda's eyes, "Ursaring was a single father… trying to raise his four young cubs. Swearing to his death he would protect them. And Sunflora… her husband is sick… she's trying to find a cure for his disease. Sending a science medical officer off into this death hole was a mistake. And I'm just lucky I didn't die, knowing I could have left my brother alone in this world."

    "Look… can we talk about this on the ship? We all have 5 minutes before this place goes into a rapture. And I'm guessing the rest of Leggos will want to hear that all of the task force are dead," Ditto quickly said.

    Politoed nodded and got up. Taking a deep breath. Then, suddenly, his senses went off like an alarm.

    He looked around and spotted Sandslash on the walkway above the entrance. He has a spear in his hand and he threw it at Mazda. In an instant, Politoed quickly shoved Mazda out of the way and took the spear through his head then through the back. His spine was completely out and was impaled by that spears tip.

    As the rest the Argo were atempting to attack Sandslash, he took out a communicator of some sorts, and an energy engulfed the Trojan making him disappear, probably teleporting out.

    "Politoed!" yelled Mazda, catching him before he hit the ground. "Get him in the ship and launch out!" Ditto and Sudowoodo assisted Mazda with transferring him into the ship, then onto a medical bench. The doors closed soon after, and the ship launched out.

    There was tons of blood everywhere. The spear was deep in Politoed, and he was choking on his own blood.

    "Looks like… I don't know everything…" he laughed.

    "You're going to live, Major!" Mazda yelled, "Someone get me the first aid kit!"

    "Really? The first aid kit? What's that supposed to do to a spear through the chest?" Ditto questioned, looking at Mazda like he'd lost his mind.

    Sudowoodo nodded, then, having removed himself from the scene, it finally hit him. His hands, his armor, his entire body was covered in blood. And quickly started to freak out, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh. My. F*cking. God!" Sudowoodo yelled, shaking his hands and head.

    Ditto reacted by grabbing Sudowoodo's collar, and slapped him repeatedly, "Snap out of it man! Snap the f*ck out! Come back to Fortune. Don't go insane on me you little b*tch," Ditto yelled into his face.

    Politoed grabbed Mazda's hand and squeezed it tightly, "Mazda… tell Ursaring's kids… and Sunflora's husband… what I want you tell my brother… that they loved them… I love my brother to the fullest..." he began coughing violently, "Promise me you… you will Mazda. Promise me you will… tell them that," he choked.

    "Yes, Politoed. Just please relax, you can pull through this."

    "And tell my brother…that Gloria and Sigmas…is…is…is the…solution," he at last said, finally dying and letting go of Mazda's hand, leaving the dog tags.

    Mazda was on his hands and knees, punching the floor out of anger.

    "It's been an honor serving with you all…" said a faint voice on the coms, and the team tuned in.

    "This is Warrant Officer Electrode of Leggo Team. Oorah! Mother fu…" the sound of electricity was heard in the background, then the line went cold and the ship began to shake. Mazda looked out of one of the windows and saw the meteor ship getting engulfed by a dark purple and black shape sphere, also taking the middle section of the incredibly massive ship with it. After the sphere was gone, the titan of a ship began losing itself, exploding leaving the rest of ship in ruin.

    "Wow," said Ditto, "All of that for that."

    Mazda pressed his ear piece and spoke into it, "Commander. All of Leggo team are dead. But the mission is a success," he whispered.

    A silent hovered over the ship, and the coms were dead silent.


    "I copy…" finally said Poliwrath. Sounding half-dead, and completely heart-broken.

    "And I have a message from Politoed, sir."

    "Enlighten me."

    "He said that…" Mazda said.

    As he was able to finish, an alarm went off from Pinsir's end of the com, where he was desperately trying to turn off the noise, by pressing random buttons. Then finally noticing the words on the computer monitor in front of him.

    "Ummm Skully…"

    "What's going on Pinsir?"

    "I don't know, but it's scaring the crap out of me… the plane is spazzing about multiple ship warps."

    As he said it, hundreds of enemy frigates and star ships warped in. And Ditto looked out again. And spotted a flame insignia on one the red and black star ships. And even more ships that were exact replicas of the mega cruiser that they destroyed beforehand.

    "Woooow, more big booty b*tches!" yelled Pinsir, looking around in total awe.

    "Why is the Magma Nation here? I thought they're at war with the Dwarves and the Minotaurs? So why are they here?" asked Ditto.

    "Are they friendly?" asked Mazda, also looking out at the ships.

    Then the ships opened fired on friendly forces. Making havoc amongst the allies.

    "Pilot, get us out of here!" Mazda yelled, and the team braced themselves for the bumpy ride they were going to go through. The ship was dodging attacks with more extreme maneuvers. Sending doubt and fear into the minds of a few Loyals.

    "Oh God! We're going to die!" screamed Sudowoodo, clinging to a wall like it was going to save him.

    "He's right! We're f*cked!" agreed Ditto, holding tight to his seat.

    In space, Pinsir was also trying to avoid getting hit screaming and yelling at every dodge of an attack, "Evil soulless b*tch in the plane. Please come back. Need you right now," he yelled, deciding to do a continuous barrel roll. But multiple arrows struck Pinsir engine, damaging it. And he began falling back to Fortune.

    "Oh crap! I'm going to hell!" he yelled in the coms. Then the line went dead.

    "Mother of God, warp out," Mazda yelled. But the drop ship got hit in both wings and began hurdling towards Fortune, catching on fire. Then Mazda pressed his ear piece again and yelled.

    "Loyal Team is going down. I repeat Loyal is going down!"

    Chapter 12 – Alpha and Omega


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