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Nineray, you put me as Gold in the Challengers list, I'm playing Crystal.

I started with my Cyndaquil.
I continued through and eventually caught a Hoothoot and a Poliwag.
I trained and beat the Sprout Tower and Falkner. Cyndaquil is the only one that survived against Falkner's Pidgeotto.
Team at this point:
Cyndaquil Lv.12
Poliwag Lv.11(released)
Hoothoot Lv.11(released)

I then released my Hoothoot and Poliwag, I also caught Wooper, Geodude, and Zubat on Route 32.
I trained as I made my way to Azalea Town.
I beat the Rocket Grunts in Slowpoke Well with ease and caught a Slowpoke.
I trained in the Well before fighting Bugsy.
I decided to beat my Rival first, so, I beat him.
I beat Bugsy and his trainers very easily.
Team at this point:
Quilava Lv.18
Slowpoke Lv.17(released)
Wooper Lv.19(released)
Geodude Lv.17(released)
Zubat Lv.17(released)

That's it for now.
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