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    @_Fake Name

    Yeah I believe so too. Did you patch it to a fresh, clean Fire Red Rom? Because after you walk up the stairs where the captain orginally is in Fire Red, this is suppose to happen:

    After that, you're suppose to battle Kayo. After defeating him, he'll disappear(as usual) & the player will walk up and talk to Sydney who'll talk in her name, not as the captain. She'll give you cut & you'll be able to battle Serena, the 3rd gym leader.
    Try for a clean copy of Fire Red & patch it. Then open up your save file from the copy you're playing now. Walk upstairs again & the events Should trigger properly. However, if this was the case & the original fire red mixed with my events somehow, it could have affected events that you've encountered so far. I know you probably worked hard to train your pokemon, but my advice is, after you patch the ips to a clean FR Rom, to maybe start your game over because other things could have gotten mixed up Before the boat event in the copy you were playing & maybe you didn't get to experience the actual events I've set up due to the mixup. It's your decision, maybe everything did work fine up until the ship event.


    You know, I completely forgot about Feebas/Milotic & the "Max Beauty" requirement. I just uploaded an updated rom that changes the way it evolves. Feebas will evolve into Milotic at Lv30. Be sure to download it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.