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Originally Posted by bctincher15 View Post
Nineray, you put me as Gold in the Challengers list, I'm playing Crystal.

I started with my Cyndaquil.
I continued through and eventually caught a Hoothoot and a Poliwag.
I trained and beat the Sprout Tower and Falkner. Cyndaquil is the only one that survived against Falkner's Pidgeotto.
Team at this point:
Cyndaquil Lv.12
Poliwag Lv.11(released)
Hoothoot Lv.11(released)

I then released my Hoothoot and Poliwag, I also caught Wooper, Geodude, and Zubat on Route 32.
I trained as I made my way to Azalea Town.
I beat the Rocket Grunts in Slowpoke Well with ease and caught a Slowpoke.
I trained in the Well before fighting Bugsy.
I decided to beat my Rival first, so, I beat him.
I beat Bugsy and his trainers very easily.
Team at this point:
Quilava Lv.18
Slowpoke Lv.17(released)
Wooper Lv.19(released)
Geodude Lv.17(released)
Zubat Lv.17(released)

That's it for now.
Sorry I'll fix that. As for my update
Started with Pikachu
Lost to Gary
Caught Nidoran(male) 3 and Pidgeoto 7
Beat Brock
Released Nidoran(male)16 and pidgeoto 7
Had a mini mono run with Pikachu
Beat Misty and Gary
Beat Nugget Bridge
Cured Bill's "problem"
Released Pokemon-None( like i said i had a mini mono run with pikachu)
Went on the S.S. Anne
Beat Gary
Got Cut
Caught Dugtrio
Beat LT Surge
Released Dugtrio
Team- Pikachu:29
Caught Sandshrew
Went into the Rock Cave
Refused to go back and buy pokeballs until i blacked out 25 times (I counted)
Caught Nidoran(Female)
Evolved Nidoran(Female) Into Nidorina
Caught Machop
Caught Machop Number 2
Released Machop 1 and Nidorina
Got through the rock cave
Beat Giovanni (Theres not enough room for Ideals and World Domination)
Caught Pidgey and Abra
Team Pikachu (40) Machop (27) Pidgey(22) Abra (18)
Avatar Credit goes to the creator.
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