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    The girl, the one named Victoria, sat by Kelsey's side. It was unexpected, the fact that she showed a softer side. It made her relax, even if it was only a little. Victoria apologized for her snippy behavior, and then joked about there being a tropical resort about the corner.

    Kelsey grinned weakly at the joke, but at the same time, wanted to break down. The idea of a tropical resort seemed lovely, but it was such a far away concept, an idea that thinking about in any detail caused Kelsey to become upset. She would have loved to be on a tropical resort right now. Even a cheap, dirty motel sounded better than this right now.

    "I wish there was a tropical resort nearby," Kelsey said weakly, forcing a somewhat realistic sounding laugh. "That would be nice. Anyways, Victoria... it's... it's okay. It's not your fault that you got scared. If I were you, I'd probably b-be scared too. I'm a bit of a wimp, honestly. I get anxious really easily, especially when people are mad at me. I don't know why. I guess it's an automatic reaction."

    Kelsey paused for a second, wondering why she was being so open with a total stranger that had just freaked out at her minutes prior to this exchange. It wasn't like her. Sure, she may have been an open person with close friends, perhaps a bit too trusting of them if anything, but she was usually much more wary of strangers. She took a deep breath, and began to vocalize her racing thoughts.

    "I'm not usually this open with strangers, to be honest. I'm not entirely sure why I'm being so honest and direct with you. I only am like that with friends, normally. I feel like it has something to do with the fact that you, me, and a few others seem to be on this island alone. Who knows when we're gonna get out of here? So, in my mind, I guess I already see you and others as friends until any of you give me a reason not to. It makes me nervous to trust this quickly and easily, but I guess I don't have any other choice besides going at it alone, which I really, really do not want to do."

    Kelsey exhaled loudly. She suddenly realized how much she had rambled over the past couple of minutes. She looked at Victoria with a sweet smile, allowing her to speak now.
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