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    Jackie Miller

    Jackie quietly trudged through the city of Swine, her close helmet shut. It allowed her to see out of it, but stopped others from looking in. The streets of Swine was nearly swarming with other knights-in-training, though the bright crimson Charmeleon wasn't like most of them. Most of these knights were male and were likely anticipating the day they rose in status and would be able to command everyone else.

    Jackie couldn't do that, and she had to admit she felt just a tad bit envious. It wasn't a pride thing, though. She couldn't care less if she was better than someone else. After all, in her opinion, no matter what you do, someone out there is better at it than you. It was just the fact that when you were in high command, in command of others… you were instantly important. It didn't even matter if you were dumb or low class or had a stutter. You were in command, you were important and you were the boss. Why am I thinking this? I'm not supposed to continue worrying about this. I already know that it only makes me feel bad.

    Jackie pushed past the other knights with a grimace forming on her face. She didn't have time for this. Why did everyone walk so slow? It was getting way too crowded for comfort. Come on Ho-Oh, help me out here.

    A booming noise sounded through the air and Pokémon around began to grunt and cover their ears. Jackie grit her teeth and looked around for the source of the sound. It was an Exploud standing in front of the Council Chambers that was projecting its thunderous voice for all to hear. What was it now? This had to be very important. All the knights in Swine had to gather together in response to an emergency.

    Before Jackie even had a chance to take a breath, the Pokémon that were once walking slowly in front of her turned and attempted to barrel through the crowd. The Charmeleon was thrown off her feet and landed on her back, right on the pavement that now seemed to be a track for raceponytas. The impact was merely unpleasant but not at all painful. That was the beauty of armor. Jackie looked up, fluttering her eyelids in fear that someone would step on her head. She reached up and grabbed onto another knight's arm, allowing her to pull herself up.

    "Hey!" the knight said, being jerked backward as Jackie rose. "Sorry," she responded. When I was complaining about you people walking slow, I wasn't asking for you to go Dodrio speed! Jackie walked as fast as she could to keep up with the crowd, and within a matter of minutes she made it into the Chambers. "Oof," Jackie muttered as she was smooshed against the wall.
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