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    Honesty. So refreshing, yet so taken for granted in today’s world. Kelsey had just shared a honest and heartfelt feeling, and Victoria could not have appreciated it more. She actually hadn’t expected Kelsey to speak with her. She could have sworn the girl was going to run off again at the first sign of her presence. Yet here she sat, conversing with this complete stranger in the most unlikely scenario she could have ever imagined.

    She nodded when Kelsey finished and turned to flash her a quick smile in reciprocation. Victoria was at a loss for words, she had no idea what to say to make any of this sound better than it was. She looked down at her hands, now interlocking and unlocking them at the fingers. “I, I uh, I understand.” Victoria said at last. Victoria knew she had to say more, she couldn’t just let that be all.

    “I’ll be honest, I’m what you might call a reserved person myself. From a young age I’ve always been...not shy exactly....just quiet. I truly appreciate your honesty Kelsey, and I hope to never give you a reason to not trust me.” She said with a sigh, thinking back to her poor first impression. Victoria looked out toward the sea again. A truly beautiful view were it not for the current circumstances. “I think we all have our own personal demons. Our job is to banish them so that they never see the light of day.” She put her right hand on Kelsey’s shoulder. “Besides, wimps give up and succumb to their fate. I only see survivors here.” She said reassuringly, giving Kelsey’s shoulder a light squeeze. Victoria then retracted her hand, unsure if she was trying harder to convince Kelsey, or herself.

    “Survivors, that’s what we are. That’s what we’re going to stay.” She added, a small flash of her mother’s former resiliency seeping through. “Don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Whether we like it or not, all of us are in this together now.” She concluded, biting her bottom lip and giving Pixie a pet on the head.
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