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    It is???? Thanks for telling me ASAP lol.
    Well I guess I'll just post, once again, the rom with 90% of the errors mentioned so far fixed to the OP as an attachment ips. I hope you guys can enjoy all of the events how they were meant to be experienced this time.

    EDIT: After you defeat Kai/Kayo, that's the end of the beta. Beta2 will begin full production starting next week. Me & Tajaros are just taking a break this week(Not really, because we still have to fix beta 1 errors.) However, I'll fix Roy&Joy in the pokecenter in Iceland City now, & fix the Big Pearl Error in Iceland City, then upload it to the main thread. The goonete in the Underground city is not meant to battle you unless you talk to her. It's kind of a trick for players who think "Great, I have to battle another Goonete before I can get the gift box" but really, you don't. You can walk pass her and get it.