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Vincent Phoenix

As Vincent was collecting the large leaves into a pile and deciding what to do next, he raised his brows in surprise at the sound of a girl’s voice. He turned around to come face to face with a girl slightly younger than herself, with soft, dark-purple coloured hair, freckled cheeks and a light build. She had caught Vincent off-guard, who blinked in surprise a few times, as the girl and her Cyndaquil, seemingly had snuck up on him without him realizing.

This left him a little flustered as she introduced herself, making him clear his throat quickly, replying a little stiffly. “My name is Vincent, Kelsey. Hey there.” Not knowing exactly what to say to another shipwreckee, Vincent sort of just glanced off to the side, looking back at her after a few moments, opening his mouth to reply. But at that point, the girl muttered out “I’ll… talk to you later, okay…?” before turning and hurrying off.

Vincent looked after her, still a bit stumped as he let out a huff, shaking his head, his cheeks darkening a little. “… Good job, Vince. Just go ahead and make everyone else here uncomfortable.” He wrinkled his nose, silently deciding with himself that he’d try to forget about the awkward meeting as he let out Ace, his Kadabra. Ace looked around, blinking a little in confusion, before looking to Vincent with a “What the hell happened?” look on his face.

He sighed, rubbing the back of his head. “… The ship wrecked, and we’re stuck on this island for the time being. I need your help with making a shelter, okay?” Ace nodded, used to following Vincent’s quick and precise orders. “We need to cut down a tree and rest it against another, so we can use the leaves as a sort of wall… for the time being. So go ahead and use Psycho Cut on one of the trees, and then use Psychic to place it against this tree.” Vincent pointed to the different trees and Ace nodded, setting to work on doing the work.

At this point, another person had walked up behind Vincent, but he had sort of expected it this time, as she spoke out. What he hadn’t expected however, was that when he turned around, the girl was escorted by a Typhlosion and what looked to be an Eeveelution. Vincent blinked a few times at the massive Pokémon before shaking his head, looking to the girl, nodding lightly.

“Looks like it, yeah… there’s not a lot of us here, either. I’m afraid we’re probably the only survivors…” He looked out over the beach where a few people were still scattered, though surprisingly, none of them were doing… well, anything, other than wandering a bit around. He did notice Kelsey from earlier, sitting with another girl, but thought it rude to stare at someone while speaking to another girl.

He looked back to her and offered a small smile, and a hand to shake. “I’m Vincent, hey. Ace and I are trying to set up a temporary shelter of some sort. Could you go check on the others and see if they need medical attention?” Behind him, Ace had chopped a tree down and was slowly lowering it onto another tree with the help of his psychic powers. His question had sounded more like a request than an order, unlike what he had told Ace.
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